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Mountain Bike Locks

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Knog Party Frank Cable Lock

The timeless pick-up line, “Hey lady, you make me  wanna wrap my sausage round a pole!” is as debonair as it is disarmingly effective. The Party Frank is that sausage wrapped around that pole 24-7 and it wants all the ladies to know that nothing’s gunna break its hold.SPECIFICATIONSDIMENSIONS : 620mm.WEIGHT: 200gMATERIALS : Silicone overmoulded braided steel cable with fibre core..


BBB PowerSafe Lock

The BBB PowerSafe lock. Durable, 12mm thick, key lock.Thick and durable straight twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection.Strong metal lock mechanism, 3 keys included.Cable cover to protect your bicycle’s paint from chips and scratches.Cover prevents dust and debris from entering the lock through the key hole.Size: 12mm x 1500mm...


BBB CodeSafe Lock

The BBB CodeSafe lock. A durable solution to keeping your bicycle safe.Thick and durable coil twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection.4-combination numerical code. Owner changeable numerical code can be custom-set.Strong metal lock mechanism.Cable cover to protect your bicycle’s paint from chips and scratches.Cable size: 10mm x 1500mm...


GT Attack Cable Lock

The GT retractable cable lock offers efficient safety solutions for all types of bike.Retractable cable4 number lock..


BBB MicroSafe Lock

Small, extra compact and lightweight bicycle lock.Owner changeable 3-combination numerical code mechanism.Tough and durable steel cable gives impressive security despite its small diameter.Size: 3mm x 1200mm...


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