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Bisley Practice .177 Pellets

Bisley Practice .177 Pellets
Bisley Practice .177 Pellets

Bisley Practice .177 Pellets 

Bisley Practice pellets Ideal for any hobby shooters the Bisley Practice are excellent value for money. The Flat head allows for a clean cut hole in your target making it easy to see. The smooth surface of the Bisley Practice helps increase the speed of the pellet making a more powerful shot.

These pellets offer not only a powerful shot but an accurate one to. They keep a very straight trajectory over the course of the shot making them highly accurate and pleasurable to use.

  • Type: Flat Head
  • Weight: 8.18 grain
  • Calibre: .177
  • Pellet Quantity: x500

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  • Model: Bisley Practice .177 Pellets
  • SKU: Bisley Practice .177 Pellets
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