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Brake Cables

Brake Cables

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UNITED Supreme Linear Cable BLACK

Durable pre stretched United Value linear cable with teflon coated housing for that extra smooth feel. You can spin this around a couple of times and them brakes will still be working 100%..


Odyssey Linear SLS Slic Cable

Utilizes the original BMX Linear Slic Kable® housing to prevent binding when the bars are rotated. Factory installed ferrule ends with the inner volcano shape to prevent housing blow out; A Linear Slic Kable® standard since 2008. Specially coated inner wire for ultra low friction, a proven feature resurrected from our once famous Brakeline cables. Gyro® lug included at one end of the inner wire for use with detanglers. Available in Black, White and Purple. More colors coming soon.  ..


Proper Firewire Cable Pink

Pink OnlyProper Firewire Linear Cable features a Teflon lining and tough outer housing which prevents binding when bars are rotated ..


Odyssey Linear Slic Cable

Linear Slic Kable Brake Cable with K-Shield Housing is the original BMX linear cable. Launched in 2003, it immediately become standard equipment for most BMXers. Odyssey’s proven Slic Kable wire is surrounded by a compression-less housing to prevent the cable from binding when the cable is twisted around during barspin or tailwhip tricks. Special volcano end ferrules to prevent housing blowout have been included since 2008. Ideal for rear brakes...


Animal Linear Illegal Cable

·  1.5mm Inner Cable·  Teflon-Lined Housing for Smooth, Positive Braking·  Animal Logos on Housing..


Odyssey M2 Cable Black

Black onlyThe M2 cable is made using the same technology as the Slic Cables. The M2 features a heavy duty section that connects the two lugs that makes it almost impossible to break. Comes with barrel adjusters outers and inner cables. Comes in black only. ..


Odyssey G3 Upper Gyro Cable Black

The Odyssey G3 Upper Gyro Cable is a smooth slick gyro cables designed to work with all gyro systems. Available in two lengths to adapt to different width bars.Black only ..


Odyssey G3 Lower Gyro Cable Black

The Odyssey G3 Lower Gyro Cable is a smooth slick gyro cable designed to work with all gyro systems. Universal length that can be cut down to size if need be.Black only ..


Odyssey Slic Cable

This is the original cable that we launched in 1986. Still the standard go-to brake cable because it has proven to be simple and reliable, year after year. The Slic liner and flattened outer surface of its inner wire keeps the cable running smooth, and the choice to use the brake lever lug end or the Gyro lug end makes this cable adaptable to every brake set-up. Traditional coiled housing is ideal for front brakes...


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