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Odyssey Keychain Solid Pin

Odyssey Key Chain - Solid Pin Please note: You will need the Odyssey Key Chain Breaker in order to Change the length of the chain.Oversize Pins:Traditional chain pins are 3mm in diameter. The Key Chain’s are 5mm, and they are available with a hollow or solid pin assembly. These oversized pins are 4-times stronger than traditional pins, and the chances of bending one, whether the pin is hollow or solid, are essentially zero. The 5mm riveted pins provide added strength, but they also provide a bigger contact surface with the chain’s plates, which makes them harder to push out or bend. The hollow pin assembly, by design, allows for a stronger rivet connection to form during manufacturing, resulting in a stronger chain overall. Thicker, Lower Profile Side Plates:Each plate has a low profile and an extra narrow waist that makes it harder to catch the plates at unwanted times. At 1.4mm, the plates are substantially thicker than the plates of any other chain, and they’re..


UNITED Supreme Half Link CHAIN

Halflink chain from United BMXSolid design to keep your bike running smooth..


ANIMAL Hoder 710 Chain BLACK

The Mike Hoder signature 710 chain by KMC is designed with a heavy duty structure to stand up to the toughest street abuse. The design eliminates stretch and chain drop. The mushroomed riveting provides extra strength. Available in black...


Shadow Interlock V2 chain

Shadow Interlock V2 chain The original and best half-link chain 1/8" size, includes 98 links and 2 master pins Colored chains are Teflon coated for low friction Compatible with 8T driver and up Weight: 11.3 oz for 72 links black, white, crimson red,purple, highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, chrome, perma blue, copper, copper/black ..


KMC Z1X Inox Chain - Stainless Steel

KMC Z1X Inox Stainless Steel Chain. Available from £17.95. A long life, anti rust single speed chain. Suitable for track, fixed gear, BMX, internal hub gear.1/2" x 1/8"112 LinksLong LifeAnti RustStainless Steel..


KMC HL710 Chain

KMC HL710 Chain. Available from £17.95. KMC's answer to the half-link single speed market. Suitable for all single speed drivetrains including BMX, internal hub gear, track and fixed gear.1/2" x 1/8"Half LinkPin Length: 9.5mm104 LinksNickel Plated..


Gusset Slink Chain 1/2 x 3/32

Attractive style Cranked link chain (made entirely from 1/2 links).Each link overlaps the next, combined with square riveted pins, reduces risk of chain breakage (falling apart). Grind friendly straight outer plate edges, avoid getting hung up.Cutaway inner plate edges give improved sprocket wrap, allowing perfect running down to 8 teeth sprockets.Slotted plates, reduce excess weight. SCM steel with Carburized Nitrogen heat treatment provides breaking strength of 1300Kgf.(Std chain is approx 850 Kgf)3/32" - (Looks trick on Single Speed bikes with 3/32" cogs...)365g102 Links...


YBN MK918 Chain

YBN MK918 ChainHalf link chain from YBN. Features small cut outs in the side plates and solid pins for durability.YBN unique (Half Link) Dimension:1/2"x1/8" Various colours MK Series Half Link chains are able to be installed on BMX and Track Bike. Tensile Strength: 1300kgf above Speed of Sprocket: Single Speed Extreme Heavy Duty ..


Charge Masher Half Link Chain - Black

The Charge Masher Half Link Chain. Suitable for any single speed drivetrain, this superb chain will fit your BMX, single speed MTB plus many more.Colour: BlackSupplied with joining pinHalf-link..


KMC K710 Chain Silver

KMC K710 ChainSilver OnlyUnique outer-plate configuration for maximum resistance when grinding or coping Extremely stable with high strength and rigidity Compatible with BMX and Freestyle bikes Nickel plated for a stylish and durable finish Higher inner plates eliminate the chances of chain drop Sizing: 1/2" X 1/8" - 100 links Pin length: 9.5mm ..


BSD Forever Chain

Ultra Durable 1/2" X 1/8" Chain from BSD. The Forever chain features mushroomed pins, BSD stamped logos on the plates and has undergone rustproofing treatment before leaving the factory. The Forever chain also features a pre-installed halflink on one end to help you get that perfect wheel alignment...


KMC Z510 Chain

KMC Z510 Chain. Suitable for all single speed drivetrains including fixed gear, hub geared, BMX.1/2" x 1/8"112 LinksNickel PlatedLow NoiseQuick-Link Included..


UNITED Supreme X410 Chain BLACK

The UnitedX410 Supreme chain is a strong and affordable 1/8_ BMX chain based on the original 410 with stamped United logos and a teflon coating...


KMC S1 Chain

KMC S1 Chain. Available from £4.95. Suitable for all single speed drivetrains including BMX, track, internal gear hubs.1/2" x 1/8"112 LinksQuick Link Provided..


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