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BSA - BSA Scorpion - SE MultiShot - Tactical - Scorpion

BSA - BSA Scorpion - SE MultiShot - Tactical - Scorpion


BSA Scorpion - SE MultiShot - Tactical

This is the perfect rifle for airgunners who prefer traditional, straightforward performance teamed with rock-solid build quality and no-nonsense design. The Scorpion’s single-shot, bolt-action format is simplicity itself to use and the rifle’s quick-fit charging system makes it just as easy to run. 

The Scorpion’s fully-floating, match-accurate barrel is set deeply into the breech block for total stability and comes ready-threaded to take a silencer. A generous pellet loading bay ensures fast, easy loading and the ergonomic ‘Bolas’ bolt-handle makes cocking virtually effortless. Affordable, practical, and built to last a lifetime, the Scorpion provides 
the performance while you get on with the shooting!

Overall Length: 
Rifle 92.5cm/36.5in 
Carbine 85cm/33.5 in
Barrel Length: 
Rifle 47cm/18.5in 
Carbine 38cm/15 in
Rifle 3.5kg/7.7lbs 
Carbine 3.1kg/6.8lbs
Maximum Rifle Power:
.177/4.5mm: 1000 ft/sec, 303 m/sec
.22/5.5mm: 860 ft/sec, 261 m/sec
Maximum Carbine Power:
.177/4.5mm: 825 ft/sec, 250 m/sec
.22/5.5mm: 570 ft/sec, 173 m/sec

Full-power action
The Scorpion delivers over 70 shots at 11-plus ft.lbs. in .22 calibre. More than enough to fill any gamebag many times over.

Fully-floating barrel
With BSA precision rifling for match accuracy, threaded and supplied with highly efficient muzzle brake as standard.

Slick bolt-action
Hand-filling ‘Bolas’ bolt-handle facilitates easy-action cocking and loading.

Fully-chequered stock
Crafted from lacquered beech or walnut, this stock comes complete with full chequering and fitted sling swivels.

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  • £540.00

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