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Bullit Abec-9 608 Bearings

Grab yourself some of the highest quality ABEC 9 bearings on the market! Featured on all complete Bullit scooters, these bearings are super smooth and last a lifetime! ..


Bullit .357 Alloy Core Wheel - 100mm

Bullit Scooter .357 Aluminium Core Wheels. Machined alloy core with durable tyre compound.High performance Bullit Scooter Anodised Aluminium Core WheelDurable tyre compoundSize - 100mm..


Bullit .357 Stunt Peg

Bullit Scooters .357 Alloy Stunt Peg. Machined aluminium stunt peg to fit almost all stunt scooters.Anodised AluminiumBullit LogoVarious Colours45mm Axle Included..


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