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Blank Firing Guns

Blank Firing Guns

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Western Style Blank Firing Revolver

This classic old west single action revolver has a 5.5” barrel and is orange and black with wood han..


Model P4 Blank Firer 8mm Orange

Made by Bruni who have been making blank firers for many years bring you this 8mm blank firer which ..


Model 92 Blank Firer 8mm Orange

This blank firing pistol, based upon the Beretta M92FS pistol, features a solid weight and feel and ..


GLOCK 17 - Blank Firing Pistol

The GLOCK 17, 8mm blank firing semi-automatic pistol from Bruni has a full replica operation in ever..


Gap Blank Firer 8mm Orange

This blank firing pistol is made to a high quality by Bruni Guns who have many years experience in m..


Model 85 Blank Firer 8mm Orange

This blank firing pistol is modeled upon the Beretta M84FS which has a smaller frame size than most ..


New Police Blank Firer 8mm

Double action blank firing pistol. Fires 8mm blanks. Magazine capacity of 7 rounds.Based on the famo..


Olympic 5 Blank Firer .308

These models are the new UK-2012 models specifcally modified for the UK market.The .380 cal Olympic ..


Olympic 6 - V2

.22 cal Olympic 6 Blank Firing Revolvers are eight shot, single or double action. Can be used with e..


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