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Blank Firing Guns

Blank firing pistols are hand guns that do not fire anything out of the barrel so are thus useless for target shooting or practice in that extent, but they do operate in EXACTLY the same way as the real thing does. This makes them ideal for training in weapon handling techniques, loading and cocking. and when you pull the trigger thay make a really loud bang. This type of firearm is used in training ie how to disarm an armed enemy etc. Blank firing guns are also used for starting races or in filmmaking and re-enactment. None of our Blank Firing Guns can shoot real ammunition and they cannot be made to do so. All of the blank pistols are top or side venting and incorporate permanent barrel formations to block any efforts to tamper with their true function. Do not try to load or fire real ammo. Striving to alter this blank gun to take real ammunition is prohibited in the law. Make sure you and anyone near you wear eye and hearing protection when firing. These are NOT toys, they should be treated as real firearms and as such it must always be ASSUMED that they are loaded. You must NEVER look down the barrel or point the weapon at anyone, if something gets wedged down the barrel EVEN WITH the barrel blocked, if there was any form of hole in the blocking mechanism then it might discharge with enough force to seriously injure someone. also never carry a Blank firing gun in public only carry in a gun slip or case ect.

Model: Bruni Model 92 Blank Firer 8mm Orange
This blank firing pistol, based upon the Beretta M92FS pistol, features a solid weight and feel and being made by Bruni who have many years experience in manufacturing blank firers, the reliability is superb.The magazine has a 15 round capacity and vents from the top of the pistol making it ideal fo..
Model: Bruni Model 96 Blank Firer 9mm
Bruni Model 96 Blank Firer 9mm..
Model: Bruni Model P4 Blank Firer 8mm Orange
Made by Bruni who have been making blank firers for many years bring you this 8mm blank firer which has taken its aesthetics from the classic Beretta PX4 Storm.The magazine can hold a total of 10 rounds of the 8mm blanks and vents the used cartridges from the top...
Model: Fiocci 9mm Revolver Blanks
While most of Fiocchi's ammunition is loaded at their plant in Ozark, Missouri, Fiocchi is also importing ammunition and reloading components from their plant in Italy. All Fiocchi products are loaded to either C.I.P. or SAAMI industry specifications. These blanks contain black powder and come in a ..
Model: Model 85 Blank Firer 8mm Orange
This blank firing pistol is modeled upon the Beretta M84FS which has a smaller frame size than most pistols which makes it easy to handle, especially with those with a smaller hand size.The pistol is top venting which means the spent cartridge releases from the top of the slide once fired just as th..
Model: New Police Blank Firer 8mm
Double action blank firing pistol. Fires 8mm blanks. Magazine capacity of 7 rounds.Based on the famous Walther PPK pistol used by 007 and various armed forces round the world...
Model: Olympic 5 Blank Firer
These models are the new UK-2012 models specifcally modified for the UK market.The .380 cal Olympic 5 Blank Firing Revolvers are also eight shot, single or double action...
Model: Olympic 6 blank firer
.22 cal Olympic 6 Blank Firing Revolvers are eight shot, single or double action. Can be used with either .22 short/crimped or .22 long blanks...
Brand: Retay Model: Retay 2022 9mm Blank Firer
Retay 2022 9mm Blank FirerThe 2022 9mm pistol from Retay, is a double action blank firing pistol, which comes coated in Cerakote as well as the body being made out of metal to give the pistol strength and durability. As the pistol is double action, you will have to pull the hammer back everytime you..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay 84FS 9mm Blank Firer
Retay 84FS 9mm Blank FirerThe model 84FS is ideal for people looking for a blank-firing pistol that's realistic, reliable, and made to a full metal construction. The gun is finished in blue, and is top venting to comply with UK law.Ideal for bird scaring, the 84FS is coated in Cerakote for durabilit..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay Eagle LU 9mm Blank Firer
Retay Eagle LU 9mm Blank FirerThe Retay Eagle LU is a good option for anyone looking for a strong and durable blank-firing pistol. This pistol has a full metal body with a blue finish at the top, and a Cerakote coating,The pistol is single action, has a manual safety, and a calibre of 9mm.Specificat..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay G17 9mm Blank Firer
Retay G17 9mm Blank FirerThe G17 blank-firing pistol from Retay is a single-action pistol with a calibre of 9mm. This strong and durable pistol comes in a variety of blue and black finishes and a Cerakote coating. It complies with all UK gun laws.SpecificationCalibre : 9mm P.A.KLength : 186mmHeight ..
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