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Pre-Charge Pneumatic

Pre-Charge Pneumatic

Pre Charged Pneumatic Air Pistols are some of the finest airgun pistols currently available on the market. They come with cylinders which are filled with compressed air, and this gives them higher speed, more consistency, and year round usability.

By design, this means they are very much the best airguns that money can buy.We have a wide range of choice, and there are options suitable for both Target Shooting, and Pest Control from major brands like Air Arms, Weihrauch, Hammerli and SMK.

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Hammerli AP20 Match Air Pistol

The AP20 Match air pistol from Hammerli in Germany is one of the best beginner and novice PCP target pistols currently available on the market.The entire pistol is built from state of the art components to ensure it can compete pistols which are twice the price. The barrel is a Lothar Walther to ensure the best accuracy possible, and all the other key components such as the grip, trigger, and sight are manufactured by Carl Walther, and in most cases are the same ones as found on the all out match pistols from the same manufacturer.The Pro Line Air Cylinder is both lightweight, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, to adjust the center of gravity to how you want it.The Grip is multi adjustable over a range of different sizes, from S to L to suit the shooter, and several other types of walnut grips are available to customize the pistol to your needs.The pistol also comes with 6 barrel sleeves to 'jazz' up the colours and really make it your own, as well as standing out fr..


Weihrauch HW44

One of Weihrauchs best precharged air weapons, the HW44 offers both the reliability, consistency and conveinience of a precharged magazine fed rifle with the manouverability of a pistol.This light,easy too use weapon is a one of Weihrauchs most celebrated accheivements. This newly released concept uses ground breaking technology developed by Weihrauch which allows them too incorporate a magazine system into a pre charged, compact, lightweight pistol...


Air Arms Alfa Proj Pistol

Perfect pistol for club and competition. Features include: rechargeable reservoir, built in pressure regulator, multiple trigger adjustments, dry fire facility, fitted open sights, safety catch and air release device to remove all air from pistol for shipping Calibre: .177 FPS: 450 Barrel Length: 363mm Blue Weight: 1025g. ..


Victory PP700W



Gamo Compact .177 Left Handed

The Compact has been one of the winners in the air compressed pistols since Spain '06. It has an adjustable trigger and a walnut grip.The Compact is ideal for target shooting where its high muzzle energy and exceptional barrel combine wonderfully to produce some brilliantly precise accuracy. The trigger is also fully adjustable to make this pistol suitable for the majority of shooting disciplines.The walnut grip has been expertly shaped to be both comfortable to hold and easy to grip and is fully adjustable to suit hands of all sizes- Length : 320 mm- Barrel length : 210 mm- Weight : 907 g- Mag. Capacity : 1- Approx Power : 2.8 ft/lbs- Ammo Type : .177 Pellet..


Gamo Compact .177

The Compact has been one of the winners in the air compressed pistols competition since Spain '06. It has an adjustable trigger and a walnut grip.Its high accuracy comes from a combination of its its high muzzle energy and its expertly machine barrel which combine together wonderfully to create a real competition winner.This high accuracy is aided by its recoiless action which aids precision and eliminates the need for purchasing extra CO2 or gas canisters.The fully adjustable trigger makes this pistol ideal for almost any shooting discipline.- Length : 320 mm- Barrel length : 210 mm- Weight : 907 g- Mag. Capacity : 1- Approx Power : 2.8 ft/lbs- Ammo Type : .177 Pellet..


Gamo PR-45 Pistol

Gamo PR-45 .177 Air Pistol Pneumatic pre-compressed system with valve. Single shot mechanism. Manual Safety. Adjustable sight for both windage and elevation, superb recoiless accuracy and excellent value for money!Velocity: 394fps/120ms. Weight: 880g. Length: 275mm. Ammunition: .177 Pellets...


Beeman 2004E .177

This popular pistol from Beeman combines quality German engineering with power and performance to produce a truly well rounded pistol. Ideal for plinking and target shooting, the 2004E will provide endless enjoyment with its high accuracy.Producing around 410 fps of muzzle energy, the 2004E produces laser flat trajectories for pin point shooting and is totally recoiless for the highest precision possible. The auto safety catch prevents the pistol from accidentally discharging whilst the trigger is crisp and predictable for excellent shot placement.The single stroke action eliminates the need for purchasing extra CO2 or gas capsules and the high impact polymer frame is tough and durable for long lasting performance. Length : 244 mm- Barrel length : 170 mm- Weight : 771 g- Mag. Capacity : 1- Approx Power : 3 ft/lbs- Ammo Type : .177 Pellet..


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