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We sell the best quality cheap BB gun pellets and ammo in the UK. We sell only good quality BB's that will not damage or block the inside of your weapon, we are distributors for a number of well known BB manufacturers, including Crosman, Cybergun and king arms, to name a few. Our BB's range from 0.12 - 0.40G in weight and will all come in 6mm & all BB's for sale will fit all guns. When about to use new pellets please remember to look for polished surfaces, and check to see that there are no visible seams or burrs, they need to be 100% round. Cheaper springers will generally take lower weight BB's, with more expensive guns using heavier pellets, with 0.2 gram OR 0.25 gram being skirmish standard. Generally lighter BB's will have a longer range but will curve upwards due to the effect of a hop-up, where heavier pellets will fly straighter but will not have as long range.

Dust Devil BBs 4.5mm
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Model: Dust Devil BBs 4.5mm
Dust Devil BBs 4.5mm - the safer alternativeDust Devil BBs are the world's first frangible BBs in .177 / 4.5 mm BB. They shatter on hard surfaces on impact, minimizing the risk of ricochets for which steel BBs are known. Dust Devils are lighter and faster than steel BBs, lead free and usable in magn..
Brand: H & N Sport Model: Excite Copper Coated 4.5mm BBs
H&N Excite Smart Shot 4.5, ideal for target shooting.Calibre: .177 (4.4mm) Steel BB'sQuantity Supplied: 750Weight: 7.4 Grains..
Brand: Umarex Model: Steel BB
High Quality steel BB's from Umarex in Germany. Ideal for any 4.5mm/.177 BB firing pistol, highly polished for superb accuracy and trouble free operation...
Brand: Webley Model: Webley AccuBB 4.5mm Copper Coated Lead BBs
Webley AccuBB 4.5mm Copper Coated Lead BBs..
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