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The modern Chronograph consiss of two sensing areas that detect the movement and passage of a bullet. The Chronograph screens detect the time it takes for the bullet to pass between the two screens. Knowing the distance between the screens and the time it takes allows the chronograph to calculate the speed of the bullet or pellet.

For more information about the Chronographs we sell, please don't hesitate to contact DAI Leisure on 01384 265151.

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Combro CB625 Mk4

Being able to quickly and easily check the power of your rifle has never been so important, and the Combro CB625 allows you to do just that whether you are at your shoot or in your back garden. This compact chronograph will fit into your pocket and easily attaches to the muzzle of your rifle. They are very reliable – within 1% accuracy – with a proven track record. If you are tuning your rifle this is an essential piece of kit to keep yourself within legal power limits. Ideal for testing velocities of pellets to get optimum performance from your kit. The Mk4 version has been improved to record higher velocities. Measures in fps and ft lbs ..


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