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Game Calls

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Woodford Double Reed Duck Call by Illinois River

This double vynal reed design of the WFD-01 prevents blow-down or squealing. This double reed call c..


Sonderman 66 Duck Call by Illinois River

This SDC Sonderman 66 duck call was made in honor of Al Sonderman. Al worked for the Olt company sin..


Goose Scotch Shaker Calls

Having a larger bellows than the duck call, this hardwood Goose Call produces the deep resonant tone..


Blue Lakes Canada Goose Call by Illinois River

The Bluelakes goose call is made of walnut. The conventional style goose call has a longer bell and ..


Predator Scotch Shaker Call

This hardwood shaker style call features a variable pitch reed to imitate the distress cries of a ra..


Long Range Predator Call by Illinois River

An all around varmint call effective on fox, coyote, bobcat and other predators. Utilizes a tough pl..


Grey Lag Goose Call By Illinois River

Here is the DJ Calls Greylag Goose call. The call is made to produce the low coarse sound of the Gre..


Duck Scotch Shaker Call

This is a unique hardwood call. With this bellows type call you can learn the feeding call in just m..


Crow Scotch Shaker Call

This is a unique hardwood call. All you have to do is shake it, and with no blowing, this call will ..


Ricelake Teal Duck Call by Illinois River

This great little wooden teal call produces a kack kack kack sound for turning the teal back to your..


Sandridge Dual Voice Fox Call by illinois River

This wooden dual range predator call produces an injured animal sound. The call attracts Fox, Bobcat..


Close Range Predator Call by Illinois River

Close range predator call is a call specifically designed for close-in calling. Two black Cycolac mo..


Squirrel Buster Call by Primos

From the distress squeal of a young squirrel to the chatter of fox and grey squirrel, this call does..


Raspy Coaxer Call by Primos

The Raspy Coaxer? is two calls in one. It creates a combination of long range screams and close rang..


Power Crow Call By Primos

Our #1 turkey locator! A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away his location is to ..


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