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H&N Baracuda Power .177

H&N Baracuda Power .177
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H&N Baracuda Power .177

H&N Baracuda Power pellets are very heavy, yet very hard copper coated airgun pellets from H&N which are designed to give superb performance in terms of both velocity, and accuracy over medium to long ranges.

The Copper coating is 20% harder than lead, meaning that less deformation occurs during firing and impact to ensure a clean kill every time. It also helps prevent lead fouling in the barrel as there is no contact with the lead.

During flight the aerodynamic shape ensures a stable flight and tight groups making this an excellent choice for both target shooting and hunting purposes.

  • Type - Domed Head
  • Weight - 10.65 grain
  • Calibre - .177
  • Quantity - 300

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  • Model: Baracuda Power .177
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