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- Odyssey JCPC Pedals - Odyssey

 - Odyssey JCPC Pedals - Odyssey


Odyssey JCPC Pedals

The JC PC is the natural progression of that last decade of pedals. The best selling, most popular shaped pedal of the last ten years combined with the most recent popular trend of a plastic bodied pedal. The JC PC also uses an assembly that few pedals have used. Instead of the traditional spindle and bolt through a solid body, the JC PC is a sandwich. Two mating plastic sides sandwich around the spindle with no bearings. The self lubricating plastic rotates around a thicker spindle. The Two sides are held together by 16 metal pins (8 per side), thus solving the grip problem that plagues all plastic pedals.
When you grind a pedal down, typically the rest of the pedal is still good, but you have to throw it all away. The sides of the JC PC are replaceable. So instead of replacing an entire pedal, you just need to use one new plastic side. The JC PC takes the affordability of plastic pedals to another level.
You can also install a different coloured side to you have a visual cue of your “grind” side that might have shorter pins and no grip.

Colour:  Black - White, Black, White

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  • £36.95

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