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- Raspy Coaxer Call by Primos - Raspy Coaxer

 - Raspy Coaxer Call by Primos - Raspy Coaxer

Raspy Coaxer Call by Primos

The Raspy Coaxer? is two calls in one. It creates a combination of long range screams and close range coaxes by reproducing the scream of a rabbit and the whines and whimpers of injured rodents. To make the Rabbit-Scream, blow into the mouthpiece and cover the Rodent Coaxer? voice hole. To make the Rodent-Scream, cover the end of the barrel and blow.

  • ~ Two calls in one.
  • ~ Reproduces Screams of Rabbits or Squeaks of Rodents

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  • Product Code: Raspy Coaxer
  • £16.95

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