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Air Gun Pellets |DAI Leisure

Air Gun Pellets |DAI Leisure

All pellets here are for air guns, pistols and air rifles only and are not for use with bb guns or airsoft guns. You're going to need a supply of pellets for that air pistol or air rifle. Our range comes in most calibres, with .177, .20, .22 and .25 pellets for sale. They come in packs from 100 up to 500

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Air Arms Diabolo Field .177 (4.51)

Air Arms Field Domed Pellets, perfect for target shooting and hunting.Calibre: .177 (4.51)Weight: 8.44 GrainsPack Quantity: 500Type: Domed..


Crosman Piranha Hollowpoint Pellets .22 x 400

The Piranha are a revolutionary new pellet from the American airgun manufacturer Crosman, and they take on a distinct shape which maximises penetration when hunting. The domed head has a star shape cut out which expands upon impact to maximise penetration and damage for a cleaner hit each shot. Ideal for pest control and hunting on short to medium ranges. ..


RWS Super Point Extra .22

Superpoint Pointed Pellets. Thanks to its conical head form, amazing penetration capabilities are realized with the RWS Superpoint Extra. It also has the necessary precision thanks to the weight distribution.SpecificationCalibre: .22Weight: 8.2 GrainsPack Quantity: 500Type: Pointed..


RWS Super H Point .22

Super H Point Hollow Point Pellets. A diablo pellet with a hollow point, characterised by high deformation capability and strong penetration.SpecificationCalibre: .22Weight: 7.7 GrainsPack Quantity: 500Type: Hollow Point..


H&N Rabbit Magnum .177

H&N Rabbit Magnum  heavy weight hunting pellets have been specifically designed for hunting small game and as such are some of the most powerful .177 pellets available.The special alloy they are made from minimises lead fouling without sacrificing performance.Sold in tins of 200Quantity : 200Shape : Domed..


H&N Hollow Point .177

H&N Hollow Point .177 pellets ideal for universal use at medium range.Calibre .177Weight 8.6 GrainsPack Quantity 500Type Hollow Point..


H&N Field Target Trophy .177

Calibre .177 (4.50)Weight 8.5 GrainsPack Quantity 500Type Domed..


Bisley Superfield Pellets .177

Bisley Superfield Pellets with first class accuracy for competition & hunting. With very flat trajectory for medium ranges. Improved drive in the barrel. First-Class aerodynamic design for high impact. Tight shot groups.Recommended for Field target rifle, match weapon, hunting rifle.Ideal for up to 25 yards. Calibre .177Weight 8.64 GrainsPack Quantity 500Type Domed..


Bisley Pest Control .177 Pellets

Bisley Pest Control medium weight, hunting pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Maximum shock effect and deformation of pellets. Smooth with large hollow point.Calibre .177Weight 8.8 GrainsPack Quantity 500Type Flat..


Bisley Magnum .177 Pellets

Bisley Magnum are perfect for long range engagements, these .177 air rifle pellets from Bisley feature a domed head which improves airflow around the fired pellet increasing accuracy, especially at distance.The metal alloy used in their composition minimises lead fouling without sacrificing performance whilst their wide skirt allows more pressure to build up behind the fired pellet leading to increased FPS as well as better range.Type: DomedWeight: 10.65 grainCalibre: .177Pellet Quantity: x500..


Bisley Long Range Gold .177

Bisley Long Range Gold pellets perfect for mid/long range shots these pellets bought to you by Bisley are great for pest control. Their aerodynamic design allows them to get high power and velocity. They can keep a very straight trajectory allowing you to hit the target again and again.The tight skirt allows more pressure to build up behind the bullet before exiting the barrel. This helps it achieve a more powerful shot. The domed shape of the pellet will make it expand on impact allowing for a certain kill on those pesky pests.Calibre .177Weight 7.6 GrainsPack Quantity 500Type Domed..


Crosman Pointed .22 Pellets

SpecificationCalibre: .22Weight: 14.3 GrainsPack Quantity: 500Type: Pointed..


Crosman Pointed .177 Pellets

SpecificationCalibre: .177Weight: 14.3 GrainsPack Quantity: 500Type: Pointed..


JSB Exact Monster Diabolo .22 (5.52)

Specification5.52mm25.39 Grain WeightOne of The Heaviest Pellets Available..


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