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Pneumatic Pistols

A huge selection of spring and CO2 powered air pistols from Beretta , Colt, Baikal, Weihrauch, Umarex, Walther and Steyr. Get yours delivered by DAI Leisure

Webley Alecto MK5
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Brand: Webley Model: Webley Alecto MK5
Webley Alecto MK5 Pneumatic Air Pistol 3 Power Levels up to 5.5 ft/lbs .177 MK VI Multi Stroke Pneumatic Air Pistol with 2 power levels up to 5.5 ft/lbs. Target Design with new soft touch Ergonomic Grips and new Generation II Fully adjustable Trigger. Threaded for adaption of silencer (coming s..
Brand: Beeman Model: beeman
This popular pistol from Beeman combines quality German engineering with power and performance to produce a truly well rounded pistol. Ideal for plinking and target shooting, the 2004E will provide endless enjoyment with its high accuracy.Producing around 410 fps of muzzle energy, the 2004E produces..
Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 2006
The Beeman 2006E pistol is an accurate, single stroke pneumatic air pistol ideal for beginner shooters and plinkers who are looking for an inexpensive, accurate pistol.The pistol is constructed from a strong polymer construction and features an ergonomic grip for great precision and accuracy. The tr..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman 1377 American Classic
Crosman 1377 American ClassicThe 1377 pump up air pistol from Crosman is the American Classic pistol that has inspired shooters for years thanks to its solid and reliable mechanism that makes it one of the best pneumatic air pistols currently on the market. The pump up action makes it perfect for ta..
Brand: Gamo Model: Gamo Compact .177
Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177 has been one of the winners in the air compressed pistols competition since Spain '06. It has an adjustable trigger and a walnut grip.Its high accuracy comes from a combination of its its high muzzle energy and its expertly machine barrel which combine together wonderfully to ..
Gamo Compact .177 Left Handed
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Brand: Gamo Model: Gamo Compact .177 Left Handed
Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177 has been one of the winners in the air compressed pistols since Spain '06. It has an adjustable trigger and a walnut grip.The Compact is ideal for target shooting where its high muzzle energy and exceptional barrel combine wonderfully to produce some brilliantly precise accura..
Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177 Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177
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Brand: Gamo Model: Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177
Gamo PR-45 Pistol .177 lends itself as an excellent target shooter and provides air gunners of all kinds with an accurate and reliable pistol.The single shot mechanism is almost completely recoiless and produces high amounts of muzzle energy to keep your pellet straight and on target.The sights of t..
Sig Sauer ASP Super Target Pistol
Brand: Sig Sauer Model: Sig Sauer ASP Super Target Pistol
Sig Sauer ASP Super Target PistolHere, is the ASP Super Target Single Stroke Pistol from Sig Sauer. This pistol can fire it's pellets up to 350fps (foot per second) and can deliver great performance when firing. It has features like a 7.5" rifled barrel which provides you with brilliant accuracy and..
Brand: Umarex Model: 2.4367
The Umarex Strike Point is a multi pump pneumatic air pistol with a bolt action mechanism. With the maximum output potential of 7.5 Joules with 10 pumps chambered at .22. Comes with adjustable fibre-optics sights with a long barrel and long sighting allowing for more accurate shots.The specs:Energy ..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HW40
Weihrauch HW40 PCA .177 Air Pistol is a Pneumatic Single Stroke Weihrauch Air Pistol in the Weihrauch Air Pistols range, the Weihrauch HW40 PCA is a precision air pistol in modern design with impresive German craftmanship.The gun offers recoilless action at an entry level price point, quiet and smoo..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HW75
Weihrauch HW75 is the perfect target shooter with an exceptionally well made barrel and German engineered internal to provide the ultimate level of consistency between shots.The ambidextrous grip is beautifully shaped to be both comfortable and secure and the completely recoiless action aids accurac..
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