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Founded in 1972, Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG produce and rebrand real steel, air and CO2 pistols. Umarex own the official licencing rights to Beretta, Browning, Colt, Hammerli, HK, Makarov, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, UZI, and Walther.

Whilst Umarex make and rebrand pistols under the above licences they also make real steel Regent 1911 pistols. But the high quality Umarex pistols are what we are here for, they produce (Amongst other things) some of the most accurate officially licenced CO2 pistols in the form of their 8-shot rotary drum systems, the Beretta in particular feels and shoots fantastically!

The other stand out, the Umarex SAA (Peacemaker but not quite!) is a great addition to the line up! Take a look at our full range or Umarex products here.

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Hammerli AirMagnum Target Kit Rifle

The multiple-shot CO2 repeating rifle Hämmerli 850 AirMagnum replaces the traditional single-shot spring-operated rifle.The Umarex 850 AirMagnum Power is a high-tech, fixed barrel, 8-shot rifle that features a uniform, rapid rate of fire. The bolt-action feeds the pellet directly into the barrel, resulting in precise long-distance shooting with minimal velocity reduction. It‘s all-weather synthetic stock is ambidextrousThis Hammerli Air Rifle kit includes Gun, Walther Scope, Bi-pod, and a 8 Shot magazineCaliber 4,5 mm (.177) pelletPower Source 88 g CO2 capsuleMagazine Capacity 8 shot(s)Safety manualSights Fiber Optic adjustable for windage and elevationMax. energy max. 7,5 jouleOverall length 1040 mmBarrel length 600 mm ..


Umarex Legends MP40 German Legacy Edition

Umarex Legends MP40 German Legacy Edition is a blast from the past: The MP German is powered by two 12-g CO2 cartridges and holds 50 4.5-mm steel BBs in its magazine. The blowback effect and sound are truly impressive. This Legacy Edition has a folding stock, and its heavy all-metal receiver comes in a used look to give it an authentic 1940s appearance.SpecificationCaliber 4,5 mm (.177) BBMagazine Capacity 50 shot(s)Velocity 140 m/sShoots per cartridge ca. 200Trigger Single-ActionLength 830 mmWeight 3500 g..


Hammerli 850 AirMagnum

Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is the number one Co2 rifle that Hammerli produce and for good reason too. The 850 Air Magnum is powered from one 88g co2 capsule which provides around 150 shots, ideal for a days shooting.These shots are provided at full power, around 11.5 ft/lbs, making it ideal for hunting, and target shooting. Along with the precision rifled steel barrel and two stage trigger the accuracy is superb and you can easily hit targets up to 50 meters regularly.The bolt action system operates an 8 shot magazine system which eliminates alot of the hassle with single shot co2 rifles as you just operate the bolt backwards and forwards, and you're ready to shoot. The black synthetic stock is hard wearing and durable so will last for many years to come, and is also totally weather proof so you can continue shooting even when it starts to rain.SpecificationLength - 104cm (41inches)Weight - 2.98kg (6.5lbs)..


Umarex Legends MP40 German

Umarex Legends MP40 German is based on the classic rifle as used by German forces during the second world war and has been perfectly replicated by Umarex in this air rifle format so you too can own a classic piece of history.The frame and exterior rifle is made from real metal for a solid and heavy weight, with plastic to the pistol grip and fore stock for comfortable texturing and a solid grip. The rear shoulder stock section is all made from metal and folds in to the rifle so it can either be shot carbine or full length.The drop out magazine holds 2 x 12g capsules as well as 50 x 4.5mm BBs for an amazing shooting experience. This coupled with the blow back effect and sound makes it a very lifelike replica and perfect for the collector.Available in either a matt black finish, or the Legacy Model which comes with realistic weathering to make it look as though its just come back off the battlefield.SpecificationCalibre - 4.5 mm BBMagazine Capacity - 50 shotsShoots per Capsules - approx ..


Smith & Wesson 586 6"

Smith & Wesson 586 6" is based on the legendary .357 magnum and features a 6" rifled barrel that is exceptionally well made and provides great accuracy and is exceptionally long lasting.The 586 matches the live firing version of this revolver in both size and weight and gives this revolver and added sense of realism. the pistol grip is textured for a sure hold and is ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort.Capable of holding up to 10 pellets in its magazine, the 586 is suitable for most shooting disciplines thanks to its semi automatic action. The pistol also comes housed in a hard case.SpecificationLength : 292 mmBarrel length : 152 mmWeight : 1270 gMag. Capacity : 10Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


UX Race Gun Kit by Umarex

UX Race Gun Kit Special features include a compensator, longer functional elements and a jet funnel. With its blowback effect and all-metal construction, this gun has a realistic feel in every way. One especially interesting detail is the replaceable, adjustable sight. Shooters can chose between a fiber optic sight and a standard sight.The Race·Gun comes with an additional Picatinny rail and a slide racker. This useful tool is installed in place of the sight and facilitates loading when optical components are mounted.SpecificationCalibre: 4,5 mm (.177) BBMagazine Capacity: 22 shot(s)Overall length: 267 mmBarrel length: 135 mmWeight: 1074 gVelocity: 125 m/s..


Walther CP88 Nickel

Walther CP88 has been an enormously popular airgun ever since being introduced. Its precision, power and reliability have set standards for a whole generation of recreational guns.The interchangeable barrel system permits easy conversion and provides extra precision and performance in both double action and single action mode. The 8-shot cylinder can be quickly changed by opening the gun with the slide stop lever.SpecificationCalibre: 4.5 mm (.177) pelletPower Source: 12 g CO2 capsuleMagazine Capacity: 8 shot(s)Safety: ManualSights: Adjustable for windageMax. energy ca. 3,5 jouleOverall length: 180 mmBarrel length: 90,9 mm ..


Walther CP88 Competition Black

Walther CP88 Competition Black air pistol is the longer, 6 inch competition model complete with the muzzle break for when you need the very best in precision and accuracy for demanding shooting situations.The pistols frame and working parts are all made from full metal which ensures the pistol has a very heavy and solid weight and is balanced just as the original pistol would be. The fact that this pistol is also licensed by Walther themselves to Umarex ensures that the original plans have been used to ensure authenticity.The pellets are fired down a rifled steel barrel from the 8 shot rotary magazine which ensures pinpoint accuracy and precision and the double action trigger means that you can either repeatedly pull the trigger to fire off the 8 shots as quickly as possible, or cock the hammer each time for a lighter trigger pull.The co2 capsule is loaded into the grip with a tool-less cam system for quick and easy reloading. The pistol comes complete in a hard case with 2 x 8 shot ma..


Heckler and Koch P30

Heckler and Koch P30 is a heavyweight semi auto pistol firing .177 lead pellets or 4.5mm metal BBs.Made by Heckler and Koch, a brand name synonymous with quality, the P30 delivers accurate and powerful shooting with enhanced reliability coming from its metal construction. This also adds a realistic weight and feel to the pistol.The ambidextrous releases the 8 shot rotary magazine quickly and easily and makes reloading a breeze whilst the 12g CO2 pellets are easily installed and replaced.The sights are fully adjustable making hitting the target easier than ever. This pistol comes housed in a hard case complete with 1 x pellet magazine, and 1 x BB magazine.SpecificationLength : 180 mmBarrel length : 85 mmWeight : 770 gMag. Capacity : 15Approx Power : 2.7 ft/lbsAmmo Type : 4.5mm BB & .177 Pellet..


Ruger Air Scout

A classic, break-action air rifle Ruger Air Scout in caliber 4.5 mm by the German company Umarex. The synthetic stock of the rifle is ergonomically well designed and its roughened surface by knurling on the handle and forend gives a sense of stability and security of grip. After loading, the lock is automatically engaged. Muzzle velocity is 250 m/s. The air rifle is also equipped with adjustable fiber optic sights Tru-Glo...


Walther CP88 Black

Walther CP88 Black is a quality air pistol from Umarex in Germany which is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule, and shoots .177 lead pellets.The complete frame, slide, and working parts are made from metal which gives this pistol a realistic weight and feel, as well as improving the reliability and overall accuracy of the pistol. The metal barrel is rifled for lead pellets, which are fired from a metal 8 shot rotary magazine. The CO2 is housed within the grip with a unique CO2 loading system which doesn't require any tools and is hardly noticeable once loaded.The trigger is a double action unit so it can either be cocked, then fired for a lighter pull, or continuously pulled which cocks then fires the pistol in one motion. The rear sight is adjustable to windage so you can always be on target, and the pistol comes complete with a hard case, and two magazines.SpecificationLength : 180 mmBarrel length : 91 mmWeight : 1040 gMag. Capacity : 8Approx Power : 2.7 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Walther P38 Black

Walther P38 Black uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and fires in semi-auto. This has a 20rd drop-free BB mag that takes 177/4.5mm copper/steel BBs.This has a very nice blowback action with a 2-stage non-adjustable trigger. This has a very nice gloss black finish with fixed sights. This should get about 40-50 shots from one 12g Co2 capsule.This is an authentic replica of the original pistol with realistic weight and feel.SpecificationLength : 216 mmBarrel length : 120 mmWeight : 720 gMag. Capacity : 20Approx Power : 2.8 ft/lbsAmmo Type : 4.5mm BB..


Umarex Pump

The New Umarex "Superfill" High Pressure Airgun Pump is extremely efficient. It compresses the maximum amount of air possible from each smooth stroke. That means fewer strokes and less work to fill your air gun. If you want a pump that you trust to work everytime everywhere and is the best value for the money, the Umarex "Superfill" by Hill is the only option. Designed and built exclusively by Hill Pumps for Umarex worldwide, the Superfill is easily portable and an essential tool for every serious PCP airgun shooter.Also available is the perfected and patented Dry-Pac system that removes up to 90% of the moisture in the air compressed by the pump. Additionally, we include a female quick disconnect fitting that threads right onto the end of the hose. No need to purchase an extra fitting, this kit is pump ready!The popularity of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is on the rise. Be ready to fill your gun's high pressure air tank both on the range and in the field with the Umarex PCP ..


Hammerli S26

Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) pelletMagazine Capacity 8 shot(s)Overall length 195 mmWeight 853 gTrigger Double ActionSystem 12 g CO2Metal construction with black grip and chrome slide. Fast change of CO2-tank due to new design. Fast Action system for high precision. Decocking lever, manual safety. Integrated Picatinny rail ..


UX SA10 Blowback by Umarex

UX SA10 Blowback is a truly unique, attention-getting CO2 pistol. First there are the viewports in the heavy slide, through which you can see the brass-colored barrel with thread for mounting a compensator. But what’s totally new is the removable magazine, which holds the CO2 cartridge along with three spare clips. The pistol can shoot both pellets and BBs, even mixed. The metal slide brings the weight up to almost a kilogram.SpecificationCaliber 4,5 mm (.177) Pellet / BBsPower Source CO2Magazine Capacity 8 shot(s)Safety manualEnergie 3,2 jouleOverall length 230 mmBarrel length 140 mmWeight 924 g..


Legends S40 bu Umarex

Umarex Legends S40 is a full metal revolver which features a fully working double action trigger unit and revolving metal cylinder.The steel rifled barrel propels the pellets towards the target with excellent accuracy and consistency and the metal shell system makes it quick and easy to reload each pellet so you can be shooting again in no time at all.The Co2 capsule is housed within the grip of the metal frame which makes it almost totally indistinguishable from the original model.SpecificationCalibre : .177 pelletCapacity : 6 roundsLength : 246 mmWeight : 880 gApprox Shots per Capsule : 60 Shots..


IWI Mini Uzi

IWI Mini Uzi was originally restricted to Israeli special units, the Mini Uzi became a favorite of military and police units throughout the world when it became commercially available. Umarex has finally brought out a CO2 version of the Mini Uzi. It shoots 4.5 mm steel BBs, which have become highly popular in recent years. This new Co2 Uzi from Umarex has a 28 BB capacity magazine with a double action trigger and a metal inner barrel. This fires .177 metal bbs at up to 400fps with a blow back action! This should get about 40-50 shots per Co2 capsule.SpecificationCaliber: 4,5 mm (.177) BBMagazine Capacity: 28 shot(s)Overall length: 356 / 594 mmWeight: 1242 gTrigger: Double Action OnlySystem: 12g CO2..


CPS Black by Umarex

Umarex CPS with plastic grip is a Co2 powered air pistol ideal for target shooting.Here speed is made correctly: the nearly act ion system of the Umarex CPS provides for fast firing readiness; with the Quick Action system can the CO2 - caps particularly fast and simply be changed. For the sporty match also in the Competition execution available. SpecificationCaliber: 4.5 mm (of .177) PelletsDrive: 12g CO2 capMagazine capacity: 8 shotSights: AdjustablyLength: 180 mmBarrel: 85 mmWeight: 550 gDeparture: Double Action Only..


Legends S25 by Umarex

Umarex Legends S25 revolver is truly a great pistol made to very high standards in nickel plated metal which gives it a great appearance, and a heavy weight for a very realistic shooting experience.The pistol is powered from a 12g Co2 capsule which is housed within the grip on the frame so you can't tell its an air pistol from the exterior appearance. The cylinder which holds the metal shells is full metal, and revolves just like the real thing on each cock of the hammer.The trigger can either be repeatedly pulled to fire off the 6 shots as quickly as possible, or the hammer cocked, then the trigger pulled for a lighter and more precise trigger feel. The open sights can be fine tuned for your requirements so that you can be on target each time, and the steel rifled barrel ensures great accuracy.SpecificationCalibre : .177 PelletCapacity : 6 roundsLength : 210 mmWeight : 855 gShots Per Capsule : 60 Shots..


Heckler and Koch USP

Heckler and Koch USP is made by Heckler and Koch. It fires 4.5mm steel bbs making it cheap and easy to use.The frame is made from a high impact polymer which withstands any knocks or bangs extremely well and will last for many years to come. The trigger is a double action unit and is fitted with a manual safety.SpecificationBarrel Length : 120 mmMagazine Capacity : 22Power Source : 12g CO2 capsuleNon BlowbackWeight : 1.8lb..


UX HPP Blowback by Umarex

UX HPP features has a sturdy all-metal construction. It features a removable 15-round magazine and a frame with mounting rail. The removable backstrap permits quick changing of capsules.Other notable features include the soft trigger and easy-to-use safety. With a firing capacity of up to 150 rounds from a 12 g CO2 capsule, this pistol is revolutionary.SpecificationCalibre: 4.5mm BB (.177)Capacity: 15 roundsVelocity: 130 m/s (426 ft/s)Length: 175 mmWeight: 815 gPer capsule: 150 Shots..


Umarex NXG APX

The Umarex Next Generation APX is a multi stroke, pneumatic air rifle which fires .177 Pellets or BBs, which is ideal for target shooting, or plinking in your back garden.The rifle features a synthetic, black polymer stock which is both durable and ergonomic, and is mid sized to allow both junior, and adult shooters to use it comfortably.The pumping action is smooth and reliable, and without any need for Co2 or compressed air cylinders, the fun never stops!The Sighting system consists of a front and rear sight, with the rear sight being fully adjustable so you can always be on target. An intergrated weaver scope mount is also installed to allow you to fit additional optics such as a red dot or scope...


Legends P08 by Umarex

Legends P08 by Umarex is an accurate air pistol is a replica of the original Walther P08 Luger utilises 12g CO2 capsules to power its semi automatic, non blowback action.By being non blowback, this pistol becomes near recoiless and makes shooting accurately much easier as there is no violent recoil. The P08 Luger is one of those classic designs that has endured the test of time and is still widely recognised around the world today thanks to its prevalence in WWII.Made in Germany by Umarex, this pistol is very reliable and will provide many hours of shooting enjoyment.SpecificationFull Metal ConstructionWeight : 1.7 pounds (808 grams)Barrel : Metal non-rifledPropulsion : 12g CO2 x 1Semi auto non-blowback, double action only4.5mm BB'sMagazine Capacity : 21FPS : 410..


Legends Makarov by Umarex

Legends Makarov CO2-powered pistol by Umarex uses one 12-gram CO2 capsules and shoots steel BBs.Almost an exact replica of the original model as built firstly in the Soviet Union in 1951, and is still in extensive service today. The simple design coupled with the reasonable stopping power made it so popular with defense agencies over the world, and now Umarex have encompassed this heritage into this Full Metal CO2 model.The frame, and working parts are all metal, with the grips being of polymer to allow a comfortable hold, along with a Red star embossed on the grip for a further sense of realism.SpecificationLength : 160 mmBarrel length : 71 mmWeight : 680 gMag. Capacity : 18Approx Power : 2.5 ft/lbsAmmo Type : 4.5 mm BB..


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