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Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDP 50 Pistol
FeaturesCO₂-powered pistol in caliber .506-shot internal magazinebuilt-in Quick Piercing System for CO2 capsulesPicatinny railEasy to handleSpecificationCaliber .50Magazine capacity 6 shot(s)Length 213 mmWeight 682 g..
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDR 50 Holster
The Umarex HDR 50 Holster is a right handed made to fit holster for the Umarex Paintball revolver and its airsoft equivalent the H8R, its easy to use and is made from hard wearing polymer. The HDR Holster is moulded to fit the HDR 50 and the H8R perfectly, so drawing the revolver or h..
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDR 50 Revolver
Umarex T4E HDR 50 RevolverThe HDR 50 (11 joules) is a revolver with visible strengths – large caliber (.50), enormous muzzle energy and an imposing appearance. The easy-to-load rotary magazine holds six .50-caliber projectiles that are fired at up to 11 joules. Power is supplied by a CO2 cartridge l..
Umarex HDR 68 Holster Umarex HDR 68 Holster
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Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDR 68 Holster
The Umarex HDR 68 Holster is designed to be an accessible quick draw holster. The holster is made of shock- and impact resistant polymer. The spring-loaded release button is intuitively placed, and the belt attachment is height-adjustable and adjustable to the belt width. A clip on the outside provi..
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDR 68 Revolver
The Umarex HDR 68 Revolver is next level! - The HDR 68 combines the T4E series' most powerful calibre with reliable CO2 technology in a powerful revolver for an effective training marker.Bigger and stronger, the HDR 68 uses the proven features of the HDR 50 The maximum 11 joules are supplied by a CO..
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDS 68 Shotgun
Umarex HDS 68 ShotgunA Paintball Shotgun - Double Barrelled, Umarex have delivered us the HDS .68 Paintball Shotgun!Umarex's .68 Calibre Paintball Shotgun can use .68 rubber balls, powder balls and paintball's, you can shoot individually or even better you can fire simultaneously from both barrels. ..
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex HDX 68 Pump Action Shotgun
The Umarex HDX 68 Pump Action Shotgun brings the phrase ''extreme situations demand extreme measures'' a whole new meaning. With its imposing looks and impressive sound when charging, it means business. The rugged full-metal receiver and massive muzzle brake bring the weight of the HDX up to more th..
Model: Valken Kilo Paintballs
Valken Kilo Paintballs.50 Calibre paintballs for Umarex HDP and HDR.68 Calibre paintballs for standard paintball guns and the Umarex HDS and HDX Shotguns..
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