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Beeman have designed a new range of air rifles which feature a dual barrel technology to add an immense degree of flexibility and versatility to your air rifle today.
Beeman 1052GP
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 1052GP
The Beeman 1052GP is a spring break action rifle that features a Quiet tek sound suppressor, reducing the muzzle noise by up to 80%.The all weather tactical stock features a thumbhole stock a weaver rail for fitting of scope and laser or torch is situated on the barrel and scope rail and the rifled ..
Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 1085
Beeman 1085Known for its line of high-quality, yet budget-friendly line of air rifles and air pistols, Beeman keeps up the good work with a revision of one of its most popular CO2 air rifles, the QB78. Now known as the QBII, or Model 1085, this black, synthetic-stocked repeater is just the thing for..
Beeman 1151QT
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 1151QT
The Beeman 1151qt Air rifle is a full powered spring break rifle. the barrel features a qtec silencer that minimises noise produced from the barrel and is ideal for pest control . The stock is all weather with chequered grip for extra grip in all conditions and features a safety catch to the rear of..
Beeman 1153QT
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 1153QT
Beeman 1153QT Break Barrel (Spring Powered) Air Rifle with scope and mounts.A classic Beeman break-barrel .22 calibre air rifle but now including the new Quiet Tek sound suppression system. This rifle features a European hardwood stock, RS-2 adjustable trigger, and comes packaged with a 4×32 scope ..
Beeman 1357 Bullpup Beeman 1357 Bullpup
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Brand: Beeman Model: BEEMAN1357
The Beeman 1357 Bullpup is a quality air rifle which is a great affordable alternative to other high-cost PCP air rifles. Using compressed air as its power source, our pre-charged pneumatic air rifle uses no springs making it practically recoilless which makes the air rifle more accurate and much ea..
Brand: Beeman Model: beeman
This popular pistol from Beeman combines quality German engineering with power and performance to produce a truly well rounded pistol. Ideal for plinking and target shooting, the 2004E will provide endless enjoyment with its high accuracy.Producing around 410 fps of muzzle energy, the 2004E produces..
Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 2006
The Beeman 2006E pistol is an accurate, single stroke pneumatic air pistol ideal for beginner shooters and plinkers who are looking for an inexpensive, accurate pistol.The pistol is constructed from a strong polymer construction and features an ergonomic grip for great precision and accuracy. The tr..
Beeman 2015S
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 2015S
The Beeman Double Barrel Air Rifle is a great airgun for pest control. The over and under, dual barrel design provides a speedy follow up shot when your first shot isn't enough. The adjustable 2-stage trigger and adjustable fiber optic sights deliver excellent accuracy. A barrel selector allows you ..
Beeman 2015W  .177 / .22
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 2015W
This rifle from Beeman is a unique design which incorporates not one, but two rifled steel barrels which can fire either both pellets at the same time, or one at a time. The firing option is selected through a easy to use knob to direct the flow of air from the spring and piston system.This model ha..
Beeman 2016S
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman 2016S
Beeman have designed a new range of air rifles which feature a dual barrel technology to add an immense degree of flexibility and versatility to your air rifle today. The two barrel are arranged in an over and under format to make it as compact as possible, and maintain superb balance.The rifle stil..
Beeman Bay Cat 206 Beeman Bay Cat 206
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Brand: Beeman Model: Beeman Bay Cat 206
Beeman Bay Cat 206 is a full powered entry level air rifle ideal for pest control and target shooting.With a all weather synthetic stock, safety catch and fibre optic open sights .The metal barrel has a rifled barrel and 9-11mm scope rails for fitting of scope or red dot.SpecificationFull power 11.5..
BEEMAN Carnivore Hunter
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Brand: Beeman Model: Carnivore Hunter
All metal fluted Break barrel Action.Calibre: .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm) pelletsCamo Synthetic stockAction: Break barrelType: Spring poweredTrigger: Two stageLength (barrel): 119cmWeight: 4.5kg..
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