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Compound Bows

Compound Bows

Our compound bows are the best.

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Vortex Hunter Kit by Barnett

45-60lb draw weight. 25-30" adjustable draw length.Constructed to ATA/AMO standards. Kit includes fibre optic sight and quiver. Right handed only...


Vortex Kit by Barnett

Adjustable draw modules included for quick & easy changes without a bow press. Right handed only. Kit includes quiver, arrows and fibre optic bow sight.Draw Weight - 16l-45bsDraw Length - 21-27"..


Storm 55lb Compound Bow

This beautiful autumn camo compound bow is ideal for both finger and release aid shooters.An arrow speed of 206 ft/sec makes it an ideal first compound bow or for those who want a low cost entry level compound. ..


Vortex Lite Archery Kit by Barnett

Provides the beginning archer an opportunity to startlite, and move up to a heavier bow with the included adjustable draw modules. Right handed only. Kit includes quiver, arrows and sight.Draw weight: 18-29lbsDraw length: 22-25" adjustable..


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