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Spring Rifles | DAI Leisure

Spring Rifles | DAI Leisure

Spring powered air rifles are traditionally the way to make a start in the world of airguns.

With no need for air or gas cylinders, they are easy to use, and very reliable.

DAI stock a huge range of spring rifles which are ideal for target shooting, hunting, and general plinking.

If you require any advice on choosing the best one for you, please feel free to give us a call.We stock spring rifles from all the major brands including Air Arms, BSA, Crosman, Hatsan, Webley, Walther, Remington, Weihrauch, Cometa and Gamo. Whatever your Hunting or Target Shooting requirements, we are sure to have the right gun for you.

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Air Arms Pro-Sport Walnut

Air Arms Pro-Sport Walnut by Air Arms is widely regarded as one of the best spring rifles available today. The internals of the Pro-Sport are normally only found on professionally tuned rifles, but Air Arms have built this rifle with that level of engineering into each and every one.This rifle is cocked by an underlever, which is neatly recessed within the bottom of the stock, keeping the balance and lines very well maintained, unlike other under levers with the lever making them front heavy. As well as this fantastic design, it has the tried and tested 'CD' trigger system for a clean and crisp let off point every shot, which can be adjustable to the individual.The mechanism inside the Air Arms Pro-Sport slides on synthetic bearing material, which reduces friction in both firing and cocking, keeping the firing cycle sweet and smooth, as well as being consistent than other spring rifles without this technology. An Anti Bear Trap system is also built into the rifle, which prevents the ri..


Diana 54 Airking

Recoilless shooting: This provides a specially supported rebounding system. The fixed barrel rifle with side cocking lever has a match type trigger, automatic safety and additional cocking guard.. The hunting-style stock has a pronounced cheekpiece and fine checkered finish on the pistol handle and front stock.Further features include side cocking system with additional cocking guard, automatic safety catch, adjustable sights, hunting-style stock with distinctive cheek-piece.New matchtype T06 metal-triggerAction Side Cocking SystemsCalibre .22 (5.5mm)Type Spring poweredStock Hardwood chequeredLength (total) 44.5"Length (barrel) 44cmWeight 10.1lb..


Diana 52

The versatile Diana 52 air rifle is great for plinking, hunting, target shooting, and spinners. This sidelever spring-piston rifle is popular with airgunners looking for affordable power and accuracy. The well-balanced walnut-colored beechwood stock is truly ambidextrous, and the air rifle is loaded through a sliding breech mechanism.SpecificationPremium version, based on our model 48.Walnut coloured beechwood Monte-Carlo type-stock, fine cut checkering on the pistol grip and forend.Excellent precisionElegant hunting-style stockNew matchtype T06 metal-triggerAction Side Cocking SystemsCalibre .22 (5.5mm)Type Spring poweredStock Beech hardwoodLength (total) 43.5"Length (barrel) 44cmWeight 8.82lb..


Air Arms Pro-Sport Beech

Air Arms Pro-Sport Beech is one of the best quality spring powered air rifles currently available on the market, with the internal action only normally found in professionally tuned spring rifles. This ensures that each cocking and firing stroke is very smooth, with low recoil, ensuring the best of accuracy at all times.The internal piston runs on Synthetic bearing material which reduces friction and lock time, whilst keeping the cocking action low effort meaning you are ready for your next shot straight away after reloading. After reloading the action is released by means of Air Arms tried and tested CD trigger system which delivers a crisp and clean break each time, and can be adjusted to the individual's needs.The Pro Sport is an underlever rifle, but differs to other rifles in that the underlever is neatly recessed into the stock, meaning there is no heavy under lever out the front of the rifle, keeping the balance of the rifle right the centre. An anti bear trap system is also inc..


Air Arms TX200 Walnut Left Handed

Air Arms TX200 MK3 left handed is a response to customers asking for a shorter, more manoeuvrable version that still offered the same high level of accuracy and precision that has made the TX200 such a success amongst shooters.Powerful yet compact, the TX200 retains the flowing good locks of the original model but is both lighter and more manoeuvrable. The quality of the finish is high with fantastic staining for a rich colouration and maintains air arms well known high standard when it comes to how their rifles look.Far more than just a looker however, the TX200 contains the same "factory tuned" internal components that have stood the series in such good stead. The accuracy is impeccable and the under lever spring system frees you from the added extras such as gas bottles or CO2 capsules. The rifle is fitted with a Lothar Walther barrel that is exceptionally machined with precise rifling for the best possible shooting experience.The the CD trigger unit is sensitive, crisp and mos..


Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine Walnut LH Stock

Air Arms TX200 HC MKlll Left Handed Walnut is the shorter, more compact version of the classic TX200, the Hunter Carbine is both better balanced and more manoeuvrable making it perfectly suited to hunters and field target shooters alike. The trigger of the TX200 is of truly exceptional quality and has two distinct stages that provide a high level of predictability making sure that you don't "pull" your shot. The Lothar Walther barrel is made to a high standard with the rifling in particular being exceptional giving pellet on pellet accuracy. The internal spring and piston system runs on synthetic bearings to ensure minimum friction leading to an overall smoother performance and less cocking effort is require ensuring you always have power when you need it. The automatic trigger safety adds security. The stock of the TX200 has been crafted from specially selected walnut and looks spectacular. It features laser engraved fish scales along its surface to enhance gr..


Diana 48 Wood

This long range air rifle with fixed barrel is characterised by power and excellent precision.It is easily possible to use a bipod because of its side cocking system with additional cocking safety catch.Additional equipment includes the classic straight stock without cheek-piece, adjustable sight and automatic safety catch.New matchtype T06 metal-trigger.Action Side Cocking SystemsCalibre .22 (5.5mm)Stock HardwoodLength (total) 43.3"Length (barrel) 44cmWeight 8.6lb..


Diana 48 Black

A high-performance air rifle with a sporty attractive design.Matt, glass bead blasted metal surface, without sights, with barrel weight.New matchtype T06 metal-trigger.Action - Side Cocking SystemsLength - (total) 110cmLength - (barrel) 44cmPower - 580FPS..


Air Arms TX200 Rifle Walnut

Air Arms TX200 Walnut is a spring rifle that delivers that kind of accuracy and consistency usually only reserved for high end PCP models, the TX200 MK3 effortlessly provides this and more without tying you to a fill bottle. Aside from not needing gas canisters or pumps to be able to shoot, the spring mechanism of the TX200 utilises an underlever to improve accuracy. This is because the barrel is not broken when cocked and so always remains exactly when it is fitted giving you total control over shot placement. This self sufficient air rifle is made from components and materials of the very highest quality for consistent performance for many years to come. The stock in particular is incredibly crafted to be both stylish and comfortable and is made from walnut wood that has bee specially selected for both its strength and also its patterning. The TX200 is well known for winning the World Field Target Championship and places that level of accuracy into the hands ..


Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine Walnut

Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine Walnut has championship winning blood flowing through its veins and, in the right hands, is one of the best performing spring rifles on the market today. The main spring and piston system glides over specially designed synthetic bearings that reduces friction for a smooth and long lasting performance. The Lothar Walther barrel is makes to an exceptional standard with precise rifling that delivers time after time. This reduced friction also means better efficiency and easier cocking.With its high accuracy and formidable power, the TX200 is ideally suited both target shooting and vermin control and provides match grade precision without the need for extranal bottles or CO2 capsules, the power is always there.The stock of the TX200 is made from walnut that has been chosen for its patterning and also its strength. The fish scale detailing has been laser etched and enhances grip as well as finishing off the look of this already handsome rifle.SpecificationCalib..


Walther LGU Master Pro .177

Walther LGU Master Pro, praised in many tests as the “the best out-of-the-box air rifle”, has been upgraded again in a Master Pro version. The continuously variable butt plate allows the spring-operated air rifle to be adjusted to the height of the telescopic sight and the shooter’s stance. This model comes without a front and rear sight, so a telescopic sight is necessary. The LGU also features an innovative rotary piston, Super Silent Technology and a Vibration Reduction System. The integral cocking lever under the barrel can be cocked with hardly any friction and fires so smoothly that each shot can be checked though the sight.SpecificationCaliber: 4.5 mm Barrel: threaded Initial speed: 240 m / s The kinetic energy of the projectile: below 17J Barrel length: 300 mm Overall length: 1064 mm Weight: 4300 g..


Walther LGV Master Pro

Walther LGV Master Pro air rifle from Walther is the pinnacle of their highly regarded LGV range that is one of the most versatile spring rifles that is available today.The beech stock is perfect for outdoor hunters as it is both strong and light and also wonderfully finished with checkering along its surface. This is not only for looks however and provides a sure grip, even in wet conditions.The Walther features an internal Vibration Reduction spring and piston system that significantly reduces recoil leading to more comfort, but also better accuracy. This accuracy is further improved by the rifles high power which ensures the pellet stays true through out its flight.The LGV comes equipped with a barrel weight that is fitted with a ½ inch UNF thread to allow for a silencer.SpecificationCalibre - .177Approx power - 11.5 ft/lbsBarrel Thread - 1/2" UNFStock - Beech With adjustable Butt PadOverall Length - 109.5cmBarrel Length - 40cmWeight - 3.9kgSights - N/aSafety - Automatic..


Weihrauch HW97KT Thumbhole Adjustable

The HW97KT builds on the massive success on the HW77 to create one of the finest underlever air rifles of today.The underlever action ensures that there is absolutely no play in the barrel, which gives you total peace of mind that when you aim and pull the trigger, you will be on target each time. The action also slides the sliding breech backwards to reveal the barrel, in which you directly load each pellet, again leaving nothing to chance.The air rifle is not fitted with open sights so a scope is essential, but with this high level of accuracy and build quality why wouldn't you fit a scope to make the most of the HW97.An automatic safety and anti bear trap system are also installed to make this a very safe rifle, and the rekord trigger is absolutely superb with the let off being clean and crisp each and every time.Cal - .177- .22Barrel Length - 400 mmOverall Length - 1015 mmWeight - 4.2 kg..


Diana Black 48 Pro

A high-performance air rifle with a sporty attractive design.Matt, glass bead blasted metal surface, without sights, with barrel weight.New matchtype T06 metal-trigger.Action Side Cocking SystemsCalibre .22 (5.5mm)Stock Synthetic (high grade)Length (total) 43.3"Length (barrel) 44cmWeight 9.2lb..


Weihrauch HW97K Laminate

Weihrauch HW97K is a tried and tested under lever air rifle which has been designed with superb accuracy and build quality in mind to provide many years of faultless service and enjoyable shooting.The fixed barrel, underlever action of this rifle means that there is no barrel movement at all as can be found in some break barrels, to eliminate any chance of inaccuracy from this crucial join in the air rifle. The under lever action cocks and spring within the air rifle, whilst opening up the breech to load a pellet directly into the barrel. The barrel itself is a rifled steel barrel, which is fitted with a threaded muzzle break to accept a silencer (sold separately).The stock is produced by Minelli out of a stunning Blue Grey laminate composition which is exclusive to Weihrauch which really stands out from the crowd, whilst providing a comfortable shooting position with the raised cheek piece to the right hand side of the stock.Calibre - .177-.22Barrel length - 300mmOverall Length - 1020..


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