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Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch 16mm swivels and studs (fits hw80,hw90 and hw95)
Set of two sling swivels for fitting of a sling to Weihrauch rifles. This set comes with one standard QD stud mounted swivel, and one on a 16mm Band to fit onto the following rifle barrelsHW80HW90HW95Also fits other 16mm barrel diameter air rifles...
Weihrauch 2x20 Pistol Scope
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Brand: Weihrauch Model: 2x20 Pistol Scope
Designed by an air rifle company for use on air pistols! The Weihrauch 2x20 pistol scope is made with extended eye relief, enabling it to be used comfortable on a pistol extended in front of the shooter. The simple and lightweight design allows it to be mounted with the included 11mm rings to an pis..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: 3-9x40 Parallax Rifle Scope
Designed by an air rifle company for use on air rifles! The Weihrauch 3-9x40 scope is parallax adjustable, has large finger-adjustable turrets with protective caps, and comes with a set of Weihrauch 2-Piece scopes mounts with a locking recoil pin. Also includes a 4 inch sunshade and screw-on scope c..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch Gun Slip
Weihrauch Gun Slip is a quality padded gunslip from highly rated manufacturer Weihrauch, in Germany. Coming in 44" length, it's ideal for keeping your weapon dry, clean and safe from the elements.Fleece lined Internal Dimensions 100cm x 27cm..
Weihrauch HE silencer (fits hw97)
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Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HE silencer (fits hw97)
Made by Weihrauch in Germany for the HW97K line of air rifles, this airgun moderator is made to the same high standard of quality that is expected from Weihrauch.Very quiet, very light and very easy to fit this silencer is the perfect addition to your rifle and makes it ideal for taking hunting wher..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HE silencer 1/2" UNF Female
This high quality Weihrauch moderator is excellent and reducing muzzle noise making it perfect for hunters. The inbuilt internal baffle diffuse the air coming from the end of the barrel and disrupt the pressure wave to produce near whisper levels of muzzle report. This new silencer from Weihrauch wa..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HE silencer FSB threaded 1/2" unf male
This high powered airgun silencer from Weihrauch is designed to fit onto HW100 models with a shrouded barrel. It features a ½" UNF thread that easily screws into the barrel after the cap has been removed.One of the most effective silencers on the market, this will reduces your rifles muzzle noise to..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: Weihrauch HE silencer push on (fits hw77)
Silencer made by Weihrauch for the HW77 and HW77K. This silencer is perfect for hunters and and reduces noise levels to near whisper quiet levels.Ultra quiet, very easy to fit, and still allows for the front sight, this silencer is the best choice for all HW77 owners...
Weihrauch HE silencer push on 15mm (fits hw99s)
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Brand: Weihrauch Model: HE silencer push on 15mm (fits hw99s)
This silencer from Weihrauch is specifically designed to push onto the front of the HW99S rifle and still permit the use of the front sight so that you can be on target, yet very stealthy in the process.The silencer is made from aluminium and is lightweight so you can hardly notice its addition to t..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: HW 98
Weihrauch HW98 is a very capable and high quality air rifle for those looking for a rifle that will be accurate, dependable, and last them for many years to come.Some of the features inclined towards target shooting are the adjustable butt pad and cheek piece, the textured covering to the forestock ..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: HW100 ADAPTOR AIR RESERVOIR
Pre-Quick fill. Allows for fitting the detachable receiver to a 232 BAR DIN Female outlet. To use this on a 300 BAR DIN Cylinder. Additional DetailsWeight: 0.01 kg..
Brand: Weihrauch Model: HW100 BP
Weihrauch HW100 BP is Weihrauch's latest addition to their airgun lineup. This Bullpup variation of the original HW100 has all the original benefits of the original. A simple action, efficient design and is manufactured to the highest standards, as you would expect from Weihrauch. All this in the co..
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