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Brand: Retay Model: Retay 2022 9mm Blank Firer
Retay 2022 9mm Blank FirerThe 2022 9mm pistol from Retay, is a double action blank firing pistol, which comes coated in Cerakote as well as the body being made out of metal to give the pistol strength and durability. As the pistol is double action, you will have to pull the hammer back everytime you..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay 84FS 9mm Blank Firer
Retay 84FS 9mm Blank FirerThe model 84FS is ideal for people looking for a blank-firing pistol that's realistic, reliable, and made to a full metal construction. The gun is finished in blue, and is top venting to comply with UK law.Ideal for bird scaring, the 84FS is coated in Cerakote for durabilit..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay Eagle L
Retay eagle L is a semi auto desert eagle replica blank gas pistol.It can fire blank ammunitions.FeaturesManual safetySingle action..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay Eagle LU 9mm Blank Firer
Retay Eagle LU 9mm Blank FirerThe Retay Eagle LU is a good option for anyone looking for a strong and durable blank-firing pistol. This pistol has a full metal body with a blue finish at the top, and a Cerakote coating,The pistol is single action, has a manual safety, and a calibre of 9mm.Specificat..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay G17 9mm Blank Firer
Retay G17 9mm Blank FirerThe G17 blank-firing pistol from Retay is a single-action pistol with a calibre of 9mm. This strong and durable pistol comes in a variety of blue and black finishes and a Cerakote coating. It complies with all UK gun laws.SpecificationCalibre : 9mm P.A.KLength : 186mmHeight ..
Retay High Tech 125X Series
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Brand: Retay Model: Retay High Tech 125X Series
Retay High Tech 125X SeriesThe Retay 125X rifles are extremely comfortable to hold and incredibly accurate. They shoot at just under the legal limit of 12 ft/lbs and are easily manoeuvrable - ideal for either target shooting or vermin control.The High Tech 125X is a break-barrel, spring-action rifle..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay Model 92 9mm Blank Firer
Retay Model 92 9mm Blank FirerThe Model 92 from Retay is a top-venting blank firer with a full metal construction to provide a realistic weight and feel. The pistol has a Cerakote coating for high durability.The Model 92 is coloured blue for UK law and available in a wide range of finishes. Ideal fo..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay Nano 9mm Blank Firer
Retay Nano 8mm Blank FirerThe Retay Nano is a small framed blank firing pistol that uses a new generation of ergonomic design which gives the pistol a brilliant replica look. The pistol is finished in blue and is top vented due to Uk laws.The Nano is compact, strong and very durable.SpecificationCal..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay P114 9mm Blank Firer
Retay P114 9mm Blank FirerThe P114 is a brilliant blank firing pistol, made with a new design for mid frame replica blank lovers. The P114 is a medium sized pistol and can be carried easily in a bag, To comply with Uk law the pistol is part blue and is top venting.Perfect for scaring birds, The P114..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay PT24 9mm Blank Firer
Retay PT24 9mm Blank FirerThe Retay PT24 has a metal body and is coated in Cerakote, which gives the pistol strength and reliability. Ideal for bird scaring.This gun is single action and complies with all UK gun laws.SpecificationCalibre : 9mm P.A.KLength : 180mmHeight : 136mmWeight : 870gSingle Act..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay T205 8mm Blank Firer
Retay T205 8mm Blank FirerThe T205 blank firing pistol from Retay is a small and lightweight, featuring a plastic frame and a new ergonomic design to give the pistol a close replica look.The T205 is designed for small frame lovers and people who are into the special forces and the women police. as t..
Brand: Retay Model: Retay XPro 9mm Blank Firer
Retay XPro 9mm Blank FirerThe Retay XPro is a medium type blank firing pistol, made with a polymer frame and is semi automatic. The pistol also features a double action. Finished in blue and is top venting to comply with UK laws. However this pistol still gives off a realistic feel to it.Firing 9mm ..
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