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CO2 Pistols | DAI Leisure

CO2 Pistols | DAI Leisure

All these pistols are powered by CO2 capsules. CO2 powered pistols are very easy to use as there is no need to compress a spring to fire them. These pistols are relatively low powered and therefore ideal for fun plinking and indoor target shooting.

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Umarex RP5 CO2 Pistol

Umarex RP5 CO2 Pistol is the next generation of airguns in the making. With more than 45 years experience this pistol embodies some of the best designs and build quality.The RP5 is a CO2 powered pump-action gun with a piercing unit that can hold up to two 12g CO2 cylinders. The pellets are loaded into the barrel with a simple pump movement that resembles the pump action like some shotguns. This will increase the firing rate and has a muzzle energy up to 11 Joules. This is an ambidextrous design, so its suitable for everyone. This is a model that is made to the highest quality and ensures precision on performance.The Umarex RP5 has an almost infinite selection of accessories, allowing you to customise your very own one-of-a-kind gun.Comes complete with a single shot tray, magazine, an integrated silencer , an extended stock and a hard case!SpecificationCalibre 5,5 mm (.22) PelletMagazine capacity 5 shot(s)Energy < 11 Joule(s)Trigger Single ActionLength 752 mmWeight 1940 g..


Beretta M92FS XX-Treme

Beretta M92FS XX-Treme CO2 Pistol from Beretta contains every accessory you will ever need.The M92FS features a high powered red dot sight mounted to a special mount that can be changed out for other accessories as required. The M9FS itself is one of the better shooting CO2 pistols on the market with a precision rifled steel barrel to produce stunning accuracy.The trigger can be fired double or single action as desired and the fact that the pistol is non blowback means less recoil and better shooting.All in all an awesome bit of kit and comes in a hard case with 2 x 8 shot magazines.Specification:Length : 210 mmBarrel length : 127 mmWeight : 1260 gMag. Capacity : 8Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Webley .455 MkVI Service Revolver Exhibition Finish .177 Rifled Barrel

The Webley MKVI is an iconic pistol and since its release as a CO2 model has enjoyed huge success and this great pistol is now available in a striking silver finish which really catches your eye.The pistol is powered by a 12g co2 capsule which is housed within the grip and provides around 60 - 70 shots per capsule. The co2 capsule is tightened and released by the lanyard attachment on the bottom which means you can barely tell it is an air pistol from the exterior appearance.The pistols barrel breaks away from the frame, just as the original model did to allow the loading of the shells which move up as the barrel is moved further down for easy removal of shells if necessary.The trigger can either be continually pulled to fire off the 6 shots as quickly as possible, or the hammer cocked then the trigger pulled for a lighter, more precise shot control.- Length : 285 mm- Barrel length : 152 mm- Weight : 1100 g- Mag. Capacity : 6- Approx Power : 2.2 ft/lbs- Ammo Type : .177 Pellet..


Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish .177 pellet

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish, Battlefield Aged Finish .177 Rifled Barrel 2.1 ft/lbs .177 Rifled Barrel101 years after the Webley Mark VI was adopted as the standard Firearm for British and Commonwealth troops. The battlefield finish MKVI gives an unique and distressed finish that has been battle proven. .177 pelletBuilt from original blueprintsLoads, cycles, fires and ejects as the originalOriginal 1915 markingsSingle / Double actionFull sizeField strippableFull metal construction6 Inch barrel6 ShotBattlefield Distressed finish..


Beretta M92 FS Nickel with Wooden Grip

Beretta M92 FS Nickel with Wooden Grip has got to be one of the best shooting CO2 pistols on the market today.The rifled steel barrel is made to an exceptional standard of quality and ensures the pistols fires as accurately as possible from its 8 round magazine.The full metal construction, aside from the grips, of the pistol ensures has not only a realistic weight but is also resilient to wear providing many years of reliable service. The pistol is non blowback to further increase its already impressive accuracy and also make the Beretta more efficient with its CO2, providing around 40 - 50 shots per capsule.Comes complete with a hard case for storage and transportation, as well as 2 x 8 shot magazines.Specification:Length : 210 mmBarrel length : 127 mmWeight : 1260 gMag. Capacity : 8Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Crosman T4 OPTS KIT

Crossman T4 Opts Kit Co2 Semi Automatic 8 Shot .177 Lead Pellet or .177 Metal BB Air PistolPower Source: CO2Caliber: .177Max Velocity: up to 430 fps pellet/ Up to 450 fpsCapacity: 8 shotWeight: 1.32 lbsBarrel Material: Rifled SteelBarrel Length: 8.63 in.Front Sight: FixedRear Sight: Adjustable for WindageSafety: Cross BoltMagazine: 8 shot clip..


Dan Wesson 2.5" Gold 4.5mm BB

One that will definitely catch your eye yet is nicely compact, this stunning pistol is a must have for all pistol aficionados, and people who just like being noticed.This 2.5” Gold airgun revolver licensed by Dan Wesson, offers ultra realistic shooting fun in a handy size. It has authentic markings and a individual serial number stamped into the frame.The revolver features a double action trigger system and fully adjustable rear sight for extra realism and accuracy. The Dan Wesson revolver is made of metal except for the ergonomic grip constructed in hard ABS plastic.The 12g CO2 capsule is stored in the grip and is easily accessible by sliding the grip back. Each of the 6 cartridges holds one 4.5mm BB and is placed in the metal cylinder that revolves as each round is fired.The revolver comes with speed-loader, attachable tactical rail and 6 cartridges.SpecificationLength: 210mm / 8.4inchBarrel length: 65mm / 2.6inchMag. Capacity: 6 roundsHop Up Type: NoneVelocity: 97ms / 318fpsWeight: ..


Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver .177 pellet Black Finish 2.1 ft/lbs

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver BlackThe original and still the best, the Webley MKVI black finish is still our most popular CO2 revolver. Designed and manufactured using the original blueprints dating back over 100 years. Beautiful in design with its proven heritage, the MKVI is a must for the discerning collector or enthusiast.Built from original blueprintsLoads, cycles, fires and ejects as the originalOriginal 1915 markingsSingle / Double actionFull sizeField strippableFull metal construction6 Inch barrel6 ShotBlack finish177..


Smith & Wesson 686 Nickel 6"

Smith & Wesson 686 Nickel 6" Nickel CO2 Pistol has a barrel which is exceptionally well made and has been rifled for added accuracy and precision and extends the working life of the revolver because of its all metal construction. The 586 matches the legendary .357 magnum in both size and weight enhancing realism.The 10 round pellet magazine combines beautifully with the revolvers semi automatic action create an air pistol that is suitable for a verity of shooting disciplines. This awesome pistol comes in a hard case to keep it safe during transit and storage.SpecificationLength : 292 mmBarrel length : 152 mmWeight : 1270 gMag. Capacity : 10Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Smith & Wesson 686 Gold 6"

Smith and Wesson 686 Gold 6 inch is the latest edition of the famous Smith & Wesson 686 pistol is finished in a full gold finish with striking black details and black rubber grip really shows of the superb gold finish.With a 6" rifled barrel providing pin point accuracy and the 10 shot .177 calibre magazine making this pistol an excellent choice for garden and club shooting.The 12g Co2 capsule is hidden in the grip providing approximately 50 shots per cartridge.SpecificationCalibre: .177 pelletShot Count: 50Trigger: Double ActionLength: 285mmWeight: 1250gMag Capacity: 10 Shot..


Walther Nighthawk .177

Walther Nighthawk .177 CO2 Pistol is one of the best selling pistols in the world. The Walther NightHawk comes with a compensator, Walther red dot point sight which has 11 brightness settings, a CO2 repeater system powered by 12g CO2 capsules. Simply put, the Night Hawk CO2 Pistol has the coolness factor. It shoots 8 pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger and just looks cool and powerful. The NightHawk air gun is modeled after Walthers popular P99 pistol. In addition to the airgun accessories, The NightHawk comes in a foam-lined plastic gun case with two 8-shot rotary magazines.SpecificationCaliber - .177 PelletPower Source - 12 g CO2 cartridgeMagazine Capacity - 8 shotsApprox Muzzle Energy - 2.5 ft/lbsLength - 248 mmBarrel length - 85 mmWeight - 960 gTrigger - Double Action..


Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Nickel 7.5 inch Pellet

Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Nickel 7.5 inch Pellet is a very high quality Co2 revolver, and is almost an exact replica of the original model.The Co2 capsule is housed very neatly within the grip and you wouldn't even know it was there unless someone told you.The metal work is finished to a fantastic standard, and each of the six shells fit well into the revolving barrel, and eject just as the original.As it is manufactured by Umarex it is very reliable, whilst offers great accuracy and value for money.SpecificationCalibre - .177 PelletMagazine Capacity - 6 RoundsLength - 328 mmWeight - 997g..


Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Gold Edition 7.5 inch Pellet

Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Gold Edition 7.5 inch Pellet from Colt was the gun that ruled the old west and now the golden boy of revolvers finally has a pint scheme to fit.This CO2 powered air pistol is powered by 12g CO2 capsules that maximise consistency and and accuracy and allow this pistol to be fired as fast as it can be cocked. The gun features a real revolving cylinder that is loaded with brass shells just like the real pistol.This pistol is pellet firing for high accuracy and shoots under the 6ft/lb legal limit so it doesn't require any licensing to own. The pistol features ivory effect grips and a combination of nickel and brass metal work to produce a great looking pistol.Available in 5.5" and 7.5".SpecificationCalibre : 4,5 mm (.177) PelletMagazine capacity : 6 shotVelocity : 120 m/sTrigger : Single ActionLength : 275 mm - 5.5 ", 328 mm - 7.5"Weight : 972 g - 5.5", 1023 g - 7.5"..


Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Blued 7.5 inch Pellet

Colt SAA 45 Peacemaker Blued 7.5 inch Pellet CO2. The appearance has been finely tuned over the past few years to ensure that from the exterior you can barely tell the difference between the real thing, and the Co2 model.This model of the Peacemaker features the longer 7.5 inch barrel for better accuracy and power, as well as a striking appearance. The pellets are fired down this extra long barrel from the metal shells which are held in the fully revolving metal revolver. The pellets are loaded from the rear of the shells for fast and easy reloading. The shells can also be removed if you so wish.The finish to this model is a deep blued finish, with wood imitation grips, within which the Co2 capsule is smartly disguised. An allen key is also built into one side of these grips for quick and easy removal and insertion of the capsule.SpecificationCalibre - .177 PelletMagazine Capacity - 6 RoundsLength - 328 mmWeight - 997g..


CZ75 CO2 4.5mm Air Pistol

The CZ75 has long been known for its superior ergonomics, this fully licensed 4.5mm airgun is an accurate replica in both form and function, it sits perfectly in the hand and its realistic blowback action powered by CO2, will provide hours of shooting fun. Full metal construction, just like the real gun all outer components are made in metal, this ensures a solid pistol with an ultra-realistic appearance. The internal mechanisms have been designed to be simple, durable and reliable, and the chrome metal outer barrel adds an attractive contrast to this CZ 75.SpecificationLength: 210 mmBarrel length : 103 mmWeight : 950 gMag. Capacity : 17Approx Power : 1.5 ft/lbsAmmo Type : 4.5mm BB..


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