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Air Rifle Kits

Air Rifle Kits

DAI’s range of air gun kits offer fantastic value for money. Bringing together the key accessories you'll need to get started in your shooting sport. With rifles by BSA, Weihrauch and Walther, there's plenty of premium quality too, and gun kits to suit every budget.

From shooting gallery kits to rifles with adjustable rear sights, our kits provide a great introduction to shooting and offer great value for money. It's ideal for beginners, and even more advanced shooters.

Whether it's pest control you're after or some family fun, check out our range today at DAI Leisure. 

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Daystate Wolverine 2 Hi-Lite Kit -5%

Daystate Wolverine 2 Hi-Lite Kit

Daystate Wolverine 2 Hi-Lite KitKit Includes:Daystate Wolverine 2 Hi-Lite Gun with Carbon Fibre BottleHawke Vantage IR+ 4-12 x 50 AO Mil-Dot IR ScopeThe Wolverine 2 from Daystate is the latest chapter in the great story of the Wolverine range of rifles, with the initial development taking 7 years which ensures that it is one of the finest PCPs currently on the market. This latest release include several refinements to the range which includes a new firing valve design for better efficiency for a higher shot count, as well as improved accuracy and consistency.The stock is made from top quality Turkish walnut and is designed by Gary Canes studio, Techwood designs, to ensure top ergonomics and comfort with a thumbhole design. The rear of the stock is also fitted with the same 3D butt pad as found on the Pulsar for excellent shoulder comfort and alignment.The Wolverine 2 also features a barrel from the very latest batch from Lothar Walther which have been optimised for use with Daystate ri..

£1,629.95 £1,549.95

Brocock Commander in Black Hi-Lite Carbon Bottle Kit -9%

Brocock Commander in Black Hi-Lite Carbon Bottle Kit

Brocock Commander Black with Hi-Lite Carbon Bottle is an innovative multi-shot pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), the side-bolt Commander matches performance and style in one, highly practical and very versatile package.At the heart of its buddy-bottle action and indicated by its twin air gauges, the Commander incorporates a Huma regulator that integrates with its patented Slingshot Hammer and valve system to precisely meter air release and thus eradicate the ‘power curve’ usually associated with un-regulated PCPs. Bearing testimony to the resulting air efficiency.To maximise handling and target acquisition, the Commander features an ergonomic drop-down pistol grip and retractable stock that allows for speedy length-of-pull adjustment.In keeping with its tactical looks, the Commander sports a number of practical features, from its Picatinny scope and accessory rails (with a tri-plate accessory rail option), through its in-guard manual safety catch and on-the-fly power adjuster, to its fast-t..

£1,529.65 £1,399.00

Brocock Bantam Sniper HR Hi-Lite Carbon Bottle Kit

Brocock Bantam Sniper HR 480cc carbon bottle with a Black Synthetic, the Bantam has always been pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative design and this new Sniper HR model is no different.One of the most important changes to the original Bantam is the addition of a Huma Regulator which ensures every shot shoots at a consistent power, no matter the amount of air left in the system. What this means is the rifle itself is extremely consistent in both power and accuracy and will produce even tighter groupings than the already precise Bantam.The Bantam comes fitted with a Lothar Walther barrel that is match grade in terms of accuracy and the whole barrel comes fitted with a full length shroud which reduces muzzle noise to a whisper. The side lever action is incredibly smooth and makes this rifle ideal for serious target or field target shooters.Kit Includes:Brocock Bantam Sniper HR GunCarbon Fibre Hi-Lite BottlePAO 4-16 x 50 AO IR ScopeDeluxe Weaver Bi-PodFl..


Benjamin Armada Deluxe PCP Kit

Benjamin Armada kit is the world's premier AR-compatible air rifle and officially licensed for the Magpul® M-LOK modular accessory system.The Armada is the first commercially available PCP rifle that allows shooters the same breadth of modularity and user configurability as enjoyed by the AR community. By implementing the M-LOK interface system and designing the rifle to mil-spec dimensions for the grip and stock interfaces, the Armada ensures shooters will be able to use the same AR parts and accessories they know and love.The Armada is built in America and delivers velocities of 1000 FPS with 32 foot pounds of energy, making it an ideal small game rifle and target shooter. It includes a 10-shot magazine, full suppression and gets over 30 shots per fill. The receiver features a machined picatinny rail and the bolt is reversible for left-handed shooters. An on-board gauge for monitoring air pressure and a crisp two-stage trigger make this a worthy addition to your gun collection.Kit In..


BSA R10 SE Super Carbine Black Edition Kit -19%

BSA R10 SE Super Carbine Black Edition Kit

BSA R10 SE Super Carbine Black Edition Kit. The latest R10 comes packed with many features which include a a multi-adjustable butt pad, two magazines and the creative customer configurable shroud (CCS) as well as a 25% extra shot count. The CCS shroud system allows the user to have the rifle set up in 3 different configurations. These combinations include the quietest set up which is the shroud and silencer combo, then you can also choose between just having the shroud, or removing the shroud and having just the silencer.What’s more, the BSA R10 SE rifle gives the customer a lot of different stock choices. With the BSA R10 SE giving you the ability to change from a shrouded barrel to un-shrouded, it makes this PCP a truly versatile gun. This BSA R10 SE air rifle has an ambidextrous stock. Due to the R10 being a fully regulated PCP rifle, you can expect to achieve consistency and dependable accuracy with this rifle. With the attached buddy bottle, you can expect to deliver up to 250 sh..

£1,234.65 £999.00

Walther Rotex RM8 Kit -13%

Walther Rotex RM8 Kit

Walther RM8 Varmint Deluxe kit Kit Includes: Gun, 3-9x40 Scope, Mounts, Hogan Silencer, Hard Case, Pellets & Pellet Pouch. Made, designed and built in Germany, fresh from Umarex, the new Walther you have always wanted... The Walther Rotex RM8 bolt action PCP innovation rifle with Minelli wood stock.This brand new PCP rifle is super accurate, and super effective. With a top quality Minelli wood stock with beautiful checkering, a Walther Lothar Barrel with a ½inch UNF thread, 200cc Bottle, and an 8 shot magazine, what more could you want!With the 200cc bottle, a very impressive 180 full power shots is achieved, allowing you more shots between fills. This is particularly helpful on a long days shooting.The Walther Lothar barrel is among the best in the world, with unparalleled accuracy, and precision.Everything on this rifle has been thought through by Walther's world class engineers and designers, not leaving anything to chance. I..

£749.95 £649.95

Walther RM8 Varmint Deluxe Kit

Walther RM8 Varmint is a super accurate, powerful bolt action PCP rifle from the well known gun manufacturer Walther.The RM8 Varmint features an 8 shot rotary aluminium magazine which is operated by a smooth bolt action which also cocks the rifle at the same time. The safety is manual and located at the back of the action where it joins the stock. The two stage adjustable trigger is precise and has a crisp and clean let off so you shot is not compromised.The buddy bottle has a capacity of 200cc and offers 180 shots from a 200 bar fill. A pressure gauge is located on the underside of the stock so you always know how much air you have left, and the rifle is refilled with a quick fill adapter.Kit Includes:Walther RM8 Varmint GunHawke 3-9 x 40 Mil-Dot ScopeHogan Decimeater SilencerDeluxe Weaver Bi-PodFlambeau Hard CaseFREE Deluxe Gun Cleaning KitFREE Bisley Pellet PouchFREE Tin of PelletsFeatures: Loading - Bolt Action, 8 shot Magazine.Stock - Rubber Coated WoodBarrel - W..


Walther LGU Varmint Kit

Walther LGU Varmint Kit features all the same internal technology as before, but clad in an ambidextrous synthetic thumbhole stock to improve balance and handling.The internals of the Walther LGU incorporates a rotary piston which means the piston is never in the same orientation and can twist round. This dramatically reduces the amount of vibration through the firing cycle by allowing the spring to naturally rotate along with the piston. The piston also runs on synthetic bearing material which reduces friction to improve the firing cycle, making this rifle a joy to shoot, and super silent as well.Anti bear trap technology is built in as well to prevent the rifle from firing when the rifle is cocked, and the sliding breech closing once opened unless the safety catch is depressed at the same time as the lever is closed. This all adds up to a very safe rifle which is easy to use.The thumbhole stock features Walthers distinct checkering pattern to the pistol grip and forestock, as well as..


Walther RM8 Varmint Kit -12%

Walther RM8 Varmint Kit

Kit Includes: Walther RM8 Varmint GunPAO 4-16x50 AO IR ScopeMountsHogan Silencer The Rotex RM8 is a super accurate, powerful bolt action PCP rifle from the well known gun manufacturer Walther.The Rotex features an 8 shot rotary aluminium magazine which is operated by a smooth bolt action which also cocks the rifle at the same time The safety is manual and located at the back of the action where it joins the stock. The two stage adjustable trigger is precise and has a crisp and clean let off so you shot is not compromised.The buddy bottle has a capacity of 200cc and offers 180 shots from a 200 bar fill. A pressure gauge is located on the underside of the stock so you always know how much air you have left, and the rifle is refilled with a quick fill adapter.This latest model of the Walther Rotex RM8, the 'Black', features a soft touch rubber coated stock which offers a much improved grip for the shooter, as well as improved weather resistance.Loading - Bolt Action, 8 shot Mag..

£589.95 £519.00

Gamo Phox Rifle Pack

Gamo Phox Rifle Pack is an excellent starter pack for the shooter looking to advance into the world of PCP air rifles and comes with everything needed to do so. This includes the Rifle, Silencer, 3-9x40 scope, Gun Bag, and Stirrup pump!The rifle is the Gamo Phox which features a 10 shot magazine which is actioned by a smooth bolt action system. This bolt action loads the pellets into a cold hammer forged barrel which is fitted with a removable Whisper silencer for great accuracy and a quiet muzzle report. The stock is a black synthetic model which is very hard wearing and ergonomic for a comfortable, and balanced shooting position.The scope is a Gamo 3-9x40 scope complete with mounts so you can be on target for each shot, and the padded gun bag keeps this whole ensemble safe during transportation and storage. One of Gamos new PCP Stirrup Pumps is also included so you can keep the rifle topped up without the need of a dive bottle.SpecificationMagazine Capacity - 10Fill Pressure - 200 BA..


Artemis P15 Kit - Lightweight Sidelever

The Artemis P15 is the successor to the P10 Shorty. It has all of the features of the P10 in a smaller and lighter package with no compromise on power and accuracy. With a distinctive beech hardwood bullpup stock fitted with a rubber recoil pad for a better fit in your shoulder. Between the smooth bolt action and the adjustable trigger the rifle's accuracy and consistency makes for a great gun.Kit Includes:Artemis P-15 Shorty GunHawke 3-9 x 40 Mil-Dot Scope Deluxe Tactical P-15 Bag Deben Tilt & Swivel Bi-Pod
FREE Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit FREE Bisley Pellet Pouch
FREE Tin of Pellets Action BoltCalibre .177, .22 & .25Type PCPStock HardwoodTrigger Single stageLength (total) 26"Weight 4.4lbPlease note: Airgun World December edition pictures the tactical soft case, but in the Description it states Flambeau Hard Case. You can have hard case for the same price, but is far too big for the gun. The Tactical Soft Case is the perfect size...


Gamo Coyote Black Tactical Pack

Gamo Coyote Black Tactical Pack is a great quality, Pre charged pneumatic air rifle from Gamo in Spain. This latest model features an adjustable Black Synthetic stock to make it even more durable and reliable than ever before.The rifle features a generous air cylinder which provides up to 70 shots in .177, and 100 in .22, making it ideal for a days hunting, or on the target range. Fitted above this is a BSA cold hammer forged barrel for excellent accuracy and consistency. The end of the barrel is screw cut with a ½inch UNF thread, and comes with an Air Stripper fitted, which can be replaced by a silencer.The Black Synthetic stock features an adjustable cheek piece to fit the rifle to you, and being synthetic it takes any knocks and bangs a lot better than the wood equivalent.The bolt action system is smooth and positive, and has a 10 shot magazine to allow you to reload and take that next shot quickly. As well as this the rifle is full power so it packs enough punch for anyone.Specific..


Gamo Coyote Beech Pack

Gamo Coyote Beech Pack features an excellent 10 shot magazine as featured in the BSA series of rifle, and the high quality of standards from Gamo, this rifle adds up to a serious piece of kit.The beech stock has a very nice feel to it providing good support, and great weight distribution. Along with the elegantly shaped cheek piece, getting a good shot is a no brainer.The bolt action mechanism is elegant and easy to use, as is the new magazine retaining system, utilizing powerful magnets easing the reloading process.Along with the new magazine system, the Gamo engineers have incorporated a quick fill system, along with a pressure gauge on the end of the cylinder so you always know where you are.Scope and mounts are not included.SpecificationMagazine Capacity - 10Fill Pressure - 200BARShots per fill - 100Overall Length - 98 cm (38.58 in)Barrel Length - 457mm / 18 inchMaximum Power - 12 ft/lbs | 16JWeight - 3.8 kg (8.36 lb)Kit includesSilencerGun BagScope..


Remington Thunderceptor Rifle Kit

The Remington ThunderCeptor is the top model in the Remington air rifle range, with a powerful gas ram system at its centre.The Gas ram has several advantages over a standard spring and piston, the main one being that the gas ram doesn't lose power over time like a spring does with spring fatigue. Another is that as the Gas ram is a sealed unit, the shot to shot consistency is much better, improving shot grouping.The stock is constructed from a durable black synthetic polymer, with stippling to the fore end and pistol grip for a positive hold. As well as this, the rifle is fitting with a bull barrel to reduce the muzzle report, making this your first choice for pest control, and hunting.Included with the air rifle kit is a 3-9x50 scope and mounts, so all you need to do is add pellets, and start shooting!SpecificationCalibre : .22 (5.5mm)Barrel Length : 14.8"Overall Length : 43.88"Shot Capacity : 1Barrel : RifledScopeable : 11mm dovetailAction : Break barrelSafety : ManualWeight : 7.0 l..


SMK 19 Senior Combo

This combo contains everything needed to get started in air gunning form back garden plinking to small game and vermin hunting.This full size with full power Super grade XS19 carbine rifle comes complete with  a sound moderator,4x32 mil-dot scope ,pair of scope mounts,a tin of pellets.Also included is 1 x 14cm Trumpet target holder pellet trap ,14cm Multi targets and a SMK Padded Gun slip.Features:sound moderator4x32 mil-dot scopepair of mountsBlack BS55 domed pellets14cm Trumpet pellet trap14cm multi targetspadded SMK gun slip(even the carrier bag!)Action Break barrelCalibre .22 (5.5mm)Type Spring poweredStock Hardwood..


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