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Anglo Arms Panther Crossbow

Anglo Arms Panther Crossbow
Anglo Arms Panther Crossbow

Anglo Arms Panther Crossbow

The Panther 175lb crossbow is one of our most sought after recurve crossbows that we have for sale in the UK!

Often sold out, and for good reason, this crossbow is lightweight, yet one of the most powerful recurve bows out there. Surpassing most competitor models, the Panther launches 16" aluminium bolts at up 245fps!

This kit version includes a 1x30 red dot scope, that mounts on the 20mm rail interface system (RIS). The scope supports 11 settings of brightness, a MOA (up/down) dial and windage (left/right) dial. 

Construction is kept strong yet lightweight, due to the polymer body and fibreglass limb, which will reduces fatigue on the user. The stock adjusts up to 50mm for further user comfort and the front foot stirrup assists with cocking. A 4-bolt quiver is included and comes fully loaded with 4x aluminium 16" bolts!

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