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Artemis Air Rifles & Pistols delivered to your door by DAI Leisure. Spring Powered, PCP, Bullpup and more. Order Online Today.

Artemis CP400
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Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis CP400
Artemis CP400 is relatively unique in its position in the CO2 airgun world being a multi-shot pistol in a tactical style that is powerful enough for pest control. This pistol weighs just 1.5lbs making it light enough to be easily aimed with one hand.The gun fires under the legal limit of 6ft/lbs mea..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis LP400
Artemis LP4001911 CopyCalibre .177Length 5.7"Weight 1.5LBSFull MetalPump Action..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis LR700W
Artemis LR700WArtemis is developing into a leading manufacturer of spring powered, Co2 and PCP airguns. The company combines good designs and quality for an unbeatable price.With the LR700W, Artemis now also has a pneumatic (pump) rifle on the market. This LR700 can be pressurized by pump action. Th..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis M16A
Artemis M16ANew from Artemis comes the M16A precharged air rifle. This rifle features a 350cc air tank, a regulator, bolt action system and comes with a 10 shot magazine. This is firing at upto 12ft/lbs.Please note this requires a quick coupler socket for filling...
Artemis M16D
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis M16D
Artemis M16D PCP Rifle With Detachable BottleSuperb value for money, Side Lever cocking action. Full 12ft lb of power.Available in .177 or .22 with a magazine capacity of 13 for the .177 and 11 for the .22.Fitted with 2 pressure guages. One is for filling capacity and the other monitors Air Flow.Sup..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis M30
Artemis M30 New from Artemis comes the M30 precharged air rifle. The new design features the barrel being situated inside the air cylinder. The M30 is a regulated, side bolt action air rifle and comes with a 10 shot magazine. This is firing at upto 12ft/lbs.Please note this requires a quick coupler ..
Brand: Artemis Model: M40
Artemis M40 PCP Air Rifle boasts a sidelever action that provides exceptional consistency and lightning quick follow up shots. The gun has a unique stock design made from German beech wood that has been crafted for a tight shouldering position. This is the UK spec of this gun with side lever..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis M40 spare magazine
Magazine to suit the Artemis M40..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis M50
Artemis M50 is a tactical PCP air rifle with a collapsible AR-15 buttstock. You can attach a bipod to the practical Weaver rail located on the synthetic forearm.The extended mounting rail on the top of the rifle will allow you to attach any scope or tactical accessory you want.The air cylinder has a..
Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis P18
FeaturesGreat Gas-saving Capability With High Usage RateWith SuppressorSimple Structure, Easy Handling And Good StabilityExquisite Workmanship And Excellent AppearanceBuilt-in Pressure Gauge To Monitor The Air Reservoir PressureStandard Quick Fill AdaptorAIR CAPACITY 300CCSpecificationAction SINGLE ..
Artemis P35
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Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis P35
ARTEMIS P35 air rifle is also known as the Snowpeak P35.The P35 is available in .22 .25 .177Weight 4.4LBS Length 26''This multi-shot rifle has a superb synthetic short bull pup stock, which has a comfortable thumbhole for ease of handing with a sleek finish. Simple structure, east handling and good ..
Artemis PP20
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Brand: Artemis Model: Artemis PP20
Artemis PP20 Match Pistol is the latest regulated pistol from Artemis. This pistol is arguably the best match pistol Artemis has ever made. The pistol is also known as the Snowpeak PP20.The pistol features adjustable  grip, air cylinder with pressure gauge, quick fill valve, adjustable trigger ..
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