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Bisley offer a range of superb air gun pellets centred around the requirements of the UK market. From the ever popular Bisley Magnum to the simplicity of Bisley practice, their pellets are competitively priced & high quality.

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30ml Bottle Gun Lubricant by Bisley

Recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns and any area where sliding fricti..


Bore Cleaner by Bisley 150ml aerosol

Removes gunpowder deposits from all guns and applies a rust inhibiting film to prevent corrosion.Specially formulated to remove all nitro and black po..



Combined Dust Plug & Cylinder Residual Pressure Test Plug. Fits BEST Fittings QC02 Socket as used on all current Daystate guns.Compatible with Fos..


Bisley Pest Control .25 Pellets

Bisley Pest Control pellets are medium weight hunting pellets, with a flat trajectory for superb accuracy and precision.The hollow point design ensure..


Gun Oil by Bisley 125ml Tin

An excellent general purpose light mineral oil for all guns, accessories and equipment requiring a light viscocity oil.LubricatesProtects from rusting..


Bisley Superfield Pellets .22

Bisley Superfield Pellets are ideal for hunting, and competition purposes, providing a very flat trajectory, especially over medium range. The t..


Bisley Snap Caps - Plastic

Bisley Snap Caps - Plastic available in 12G, 16G, 20G and 410G..


Bisley Premier .22 Pellets

Bisley Premier .22 pellets are ideal for hunting small animals, the streamline shape helps them achieve a higher velocity and a deeper penetration. Th..


Bisley Practice .177 Pellets

Bisley Practice pellets Ideal for any hobby shooters the Bisley Practice are excellent value for money. The Flat head allows for a clean cut hole in y..


Bisley Pest Control .22 Pellets

Bisley Pest Control air rifle pellets are ideal for close to medium range pest and vermin control tasks thanks to their recessed hollow point head..


Bisley Magnum .22 Pellets

Bisley Magnums are a highly accurate and affordable. The aerodynamic design allows more power and a deeper penetration to the target. The tight sk..


Bisley Lens Cleaner

Maximises clarity and brilliance. Our formulation is deliberately gentle to ensure that lacquer finishes are not harmed. The non smearing solution wil..


Silicone Gun Oil by Bisley 30ml bottle

Produces a fine high sheen finish on all shotguns, rifles and airguns and accessories that protects from moisture and dirt, eliminating rusting and co..


Bisley QD Stud Short

Bisley quality quick detach QD stud or bipod stud for mounting bipod and slings to your air gun, rifle or shotgun. A long and short wood screw threads..


Bisley QD Stud Long

Bisley quality quick detach QD stud or bipod stud for mounting bipod and slings to your air gun, rifle or shotgun. A long and short wood screw threads..


Dry Pac Refill Sachet

For all pumps with Dry-Pac system fitted. One sachet of Dry-Pac medium for complete refill of Dry-Pac cartridge. For optimum performance the Dry-Pac s..


Bisley Double Male Coupling

Allows female threaded hoses to be attached to female threaded cylinder valves...


Muzzle Protector

For 12G. Used to prevent moisture entering the barrels during transport & storage...


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