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Primos Hunting is the leader in the design and manufacturing of game calls blinds, shooting sticks & accessories

Power Crow Call By Primos
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Brand: Primos Model: Power Crow Call
Our #1 turkey locator! A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away his location is to sound like a crow. With the Power Crow?, you can do just that. Then you can move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Power Crow? is also perfect for calling and hunting crows. If yo..
Brand: Primos Model: Primos Trigger Stick Gen III Tall - Tripod
Primos Trigger Stick Gen III Tall - TripodLike every Trigger Stick the new Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 adjusts to your desired height with just one hand and the pull of a trigger. The new Locking Leg Angles give you more stability at more angles in the field. The new Quick Detach Yoke System with Int..
Raspy Coaxer Call by Primos
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Brand: Primos Model: Raspy Coaxer
The Raspy Coaxer? is two calls in one. It creates a combination of long range screams and close range coaxes by reproducing the scream of a rabbit and the whines and whimpers of injured rodents. To make the Rabbit-Scream, blow into the mouthpiece and cover the Rodent Coaxer? voice hole. To make the ..
Squirrel Buster Call by Primos
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Brand: Primos Model: Squirrel Buster Call by Primos
From the distress squeal of a young squirrel to the chatter of fox and grey squirrel, this call does it all. Reproduces all five calls of the grey squirrel and fox squirrel’s language...
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