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Shotgun Accessories | DAI Leisure

Shotgun Accessories | DAI Leisure

DAI Leisure supply a wide range of top branded shotgun and firearm shooting accessories. Browse our website to find the ideal Shotgun accessories for you. Some of our accessories include slings & swivels, bipods, cases, cartridge bags, moderators, chokes and ear defenders. 

Need help finding the right product? Then give us a call on 01384265151.

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Cartridge Belt Brown Leather

Brown leather belt with brass fittings and leather loops or pockets. Each belt fits waists 38-44" and will hold 24 cartridges..


Gripstick Shotgun Cartridge Collector

No more back breaking work collecting spent cartridges. Strong magnet will hold over 50 cartridges. Telescopic pole and includes hook for attaching to a belt or bag loop...


Presentation Kit by Bisley

Durable presentation case. Includes three piece rod, phosphor bronze brush, wool mop, nylon jag, yellow duster, Bisley Gun Oil, Bisley Bore Cleaner & patches.28G kit includes wire loop instead of nylon jag...


Hand Guards Leather by Bisley

Black leather with Gold Bisley logo. Universal, can be used on S/S or O/U..


Napier Bigfoot Cartridge Collector

Now the perfect answer to pickup of spent cartridges, in clay or game shooting locations.Magnetic stick pickers have become a useful and popular aid, and are well accepted by the shooting community. Napier has been often asked to provide such an item within its range, but until now did not feel that anything could be produced that offered any real advantage in an over saturated marketplace. But the NEW BIGFOOT has changed all that with its unique catch and release handle. It is great for shooters and professional use on clay grounds. At 77 cm long it is comfortable to use and avoids bending, it sits upright on its BIG FOOT, is robust and easy to clean. However unlike all others it collects, AND at the pull of a lever drops them into the bin or collection bag.No more messy handling of muddy, soiled cartridges that must be pulled off all conventional sticks, the BIGFOOT ejects them with ease...


RW2 Kit by Bisley

In Bisley display wallet. Includes two piece deluze rod, bronze brush, wool mop & nylon jag. 28G & 410G includes wire loop instead of nylon jag..


Shotgun Pull Through by Napier

Designed for use with the new Napier Field Patch. This new kit is everything that you will need to clean your shotgun whilst in the field, supplied with phosphor bronze brush, generous length brass weighted pull through, 5 Field Patches, and a special end capped jag to ensure that the patch stays in place. All packed in a practical and attractive padded wallet...


Cartridge Belt Basic by Bisley

Mock leather material. Fits waists 30-43". Pocket type for 25 cartridges...


Choke Gauges by Bisley

Effectively determine the size of the choke in the barrel. Made in Brass with handy keyring...


MTM Choke Tube Case

Made of rugged polypropylene with two internal dividers and a foam pad. The foam pad helps prevent rattle and protect threads. Pending on your chokes, there is room for most factory wrenches and choke lube. Designed to hold 20, 12, 10 gauge chokes. CT3 - Holds three extended or six standard tubesCT6 - Holds six extended chokesCT9 - Holds six extended or nine standard tubeschokes not included..


Muzzle Protector

For 12G. Used to prevent moisture entering the barrels during transport & storage...


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