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Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177

Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177
Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177
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Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177
Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177

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Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177

Sig Sauer MPX C02 is the smaller brother to the MCX model but of course is built to just as high quality, and fires the same Lead Air Gun Pellets as the rest.

These new versions of the legendary rifles are constructed with a metal housing, and polymer accessories, just like the real model. They are in fact built in the same factory as the live firing models, henceforth they are super realistic and great quality. Test models of these rifles have been life fired up to 15000 shots to reinforce this fact.

The belt type magazine holds 30 pellets at one time, which are then fired off through the double action trigger as fast as you can pull it. The pellets are then propelled down the rifled barrel to the target with amazing accuracy.

They are powered through a 88g Co2 capsule which provides a large shot capacity for an amazing shooting experience. The rifle also has several picatinny rails throughout for the mounting of accessories.

Approx Muzzle Energy - 3 ft/lbs

Overall Length - 654 mm (25.75 in)

Weight - 3 kg (6.2 lb)

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