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SOG Zoom
SOG Zoom
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SOG Zoom
SOG Zoom
SOG Zoom

SOG Zoom

The SOG Zoom is a solid knife with a very strong assisted opening. When you open the knife with the thumb stud, the strong spring inside the handle flicks the knife open. The handle is black anodized with steel liners that make the knife strong. The blade is made of AUS8 steel. The back of the knife has jimping which offers optimal grip. The deep-carry pocket clip ensures you can keep the knife nice and deep inside your pocket so you won’t notice carrying it. The pocket clip is placed tip-up and can be used both for left-handed and right-handed use.

In the opened position, the SOG Zoom locks by a button-lock. As the name suggests, a locking mechanism which allows you to unlock it by simply holding down a button.

It will not open by itself inside your pocket, but the SOG Zoom has an extra safety measure to prevent this. It has a small subtle sliding part which serves as an extra protection to keep the blade closed.


  • Finish blade: satin
  • Right or left-handed: left-handed, right-handed
  • Blade shape: drop point

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  • Model: SOG Zoom
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