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Sytong has been focusing on the development, production, sales and service of high-quality Night Vision devices for many years.

Sytong products are widely used in nature observation, outdoor hunting, outdoor exploration, security and anti-theft, sea operation and night patrol.

Brand: Sytong Model: Sytong HT-60
The Sytong HT-60 is a brand new digital day/night scope; Sporting two different magnifications, 3-8x and 6.5-13x which fulfils the need for both Centrefire and Air rifle users alike. The Sytong HT-60 is an impressive full colour scope for day and night shooting, switching seamlessly between the two ..
Brand: Sytong Model: Sytong HT-66
The Sytong HT-66 Night Vision Rear Add On allows you to quickly turn your standard optical Scope into a high-performance Night Vision system. Designed to fit the needs of both Air Rifle and Centerfire shooters. Offering a wide field of view, the HT66 fulfils the needs of shooters who require their d..
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