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Brand: Winchester Model: Winchester Model 4.5 Special Air Pistol
Winchester Model 4.5 Special Air PistolThis full metal revolver is pellet firing and has a fully rifled barrel for exceptional accuracy. The gun uses a full metal construction that makes it very realistic to hold and fire and also improves reliability. The pistol is powered by 12g CO2 capsules that ..
Winchester Model 45
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Brand: Winchester Model: Winchester Model 45
Winchester Model 45 is a top-quality spring-powered air rifle. A range of features make it an exceptional piece of equipment: it has a full steel rifled barrel, which gives the fired pellet a straight trajectory; it's strong and durable; the muzzle is threaded, allowing you to add 1/2" UNF silencers..
Winchester Model 55
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Brand: Winchester Model: Winchester Model 55
Winchester Model 55This is an exceptional rifle which can fulfill your rifle needs. The rifle comes in a fresh, beech covered stock which also comes with laser chequering to ensure a firm grip on the rifle, it also has a low profile sound moderator so you can adjust how loud you want the rifle to so..
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