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Bisley Premier .177

Bisley Premier .177
Bisley Premier .177

Bisley Premier airgun pellets are ideal for hunting due to their weight and power, the Needle thin point allows the pellets to penetrate the animal easier. This design also makes the pellet aerodynamic allowing it to get a higher speed and a greater penetration.

The blood grooves on the pellets are nothing to do with blood and are there to lighten the pellet. The wide skirt makes the pellets sit tight in the barrel allowing more pressure to built up in the shot. The bullet also has a maximum shock effect making the pellet crumple in and expand outwards when it comes into contact with a target.

  • Type : Pointed
  • Weight : 11.57 Grains
  • Calibre : .177
  • Quantity : 500

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  • Model: Premier .177
  • SKU: Premier .177
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