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Brocock Commander XR Black 480cc Hilite

Brocock Commander XR Black 480cc Hilite

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Brocock Commander XR Black 480cc Hilite

Brocock Commander XR Black 480cc Hilite

To maximise handling and target acquisition, the Brocock Commander features an ergonomic drop-down pistol grip and retractable stock that allows for speedy length-of-pull adjustment, while on ‘export’ models, the butt can also be folded via a quick-release mechanism to make it even more compact, further facilitating carriage and storage.

In keeping with its tactical looks, the Brocock Commander sports a number of practical features, from its Picatinny scope and accessory rails (with a tri-plate accessory rail option), through its in-guard manual safety catch and on-the-fly power adjuster, to its fast-throw side-bolt – the latter allowing quick cycling of the 10-shot, removable rotary magazine.

A single-shot tray is supplied for more deliberate loading, however. Further hi-tech features come in the shape of a full-length barrel shroud cum reflex silencer and ported muzzle brake – all designed to maximise all the accuracy on offer from the Brocock Commander’s Lothar Walther barrel, regulated action and totally recoil-free firing cycle.

*Please note the picture shown is the best picture we can get of the new gun. We will adjust the pictures once we get the gun in stock.  

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  • Model: Brocock Commander XR Black 480cc Hilite
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