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CO2 Air Rifles

CO2 Air Rifles from DAI Leisure. CO2 powered air rifles are powered by either the small 12g CO2 Capsules, or the Larger 88g Capsules, depending on the rifle.

They are excellent for pest control and target shooting, thanks to their recoilless actions, and with the majority having bolt action loading, they are quick, and enjoyable to shoot. We stock a large range of CO2 Rifles from manufacturers such as Crosman, Umarex and Walther.

Brand: Walther Model: Walther Lever Action Wells Fargo
Walther Lever Action Wells Fargo successfully bring together tradition and innovation: the legendary American repeater combined with the latest CO2 technology! The large 88 g CO2 capsule has a capacity of at least 450 shots at constant energy. In addition to the trusty standard model (this one here)..
Brand: ASG Model: ASG TAC 45 Sniper
ASG TAC 45 SniperThe TAC-4.5 rifle is a light weight, CO2 powered Airgun rifle with an ergonomic pistol grip that holds the 4.5mm BB’s in a stick type magazine allowing a fast reload.The rifles feature a full-length picatinny styled top rail for optics and accessories. The lower part of the rifle ha..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Rifle .177
Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Rifle .177Despite the low price, the 1077 air rifle from Crosman is incredibly reliable and, with a semi automatic action that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, will provide hours and hours of fun.The 1077 is equipped with a 12-shot rotary pellet clip that lets you s..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Wood Rifle .177
Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Wood Rifle .177The Crosman 1077 is a fast and fun semi auto air rifle that fires as quickly as you can pull the trigger. Simply load up the magazine, load it into the gun and start pulling the trigger until the magazine is empty.The rifle has an approximate muzzle energy of 6..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman 2260 Rifle .22
The Crosman 2260 Rabbit Stopper is an iconic air rifle with beautiful American Craftsmanship and high power to take down any large vermin.The Heritage 2260 features a handsome American hardwood stock and brass bolt. This single shot rifle is powered by CO2 and delivers velocities up to 600 FPS. The ..
Crosman Marlin 350 Cowboy 4.5mm BB
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Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman Marlin 350 Cowboy 4.5mm BB
Crosman Marlin 350 Cowboy 4.5mm BBThe Marlin Cowboy is a classic, entry-level air rifle, designed for teaching the true skill of marksmanship and safety.The rifle is cocked by pushing down the Winchester-style under-lever, and once the trigger is pulled, it fires BBs up to 350 FPS.The metal receiver..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman R1
Crosman R1Crosman Semi Automatic R1 BB air rifle maximizes backyard fun! Fueled by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges and a 25 round drop out magazine, you wil have target cans flying in no time. The rifle features a genuine feel, familiar controls , Even better, the rifle is fully customizable with a 6 pos..
Brand: Crosman Model: Crosman Ratcatcher 2250 XL .22
Crosman Ratcatcher 2250 XL .22Includes a 4x32 Center Point scope.Full size high power with longer 18 inch barrel Co2 gun.The Rat Catcher air rifle pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient Co2 power.The Ratcatcher is powered usin..
Brand: Crosman Model: 2250B
Crosman Ratcatcher - 2250B is a .22 calibre Co2 powered air rifle. The air rifle is CO2 single shot. As it's name suggests perfect for vermin control.Low Maintenance with Improved bolt design for easy loading and cocking. Contains Precision four power scope and mounts included. Extended rifled steel..
Brand: Diana Model: Diana Trail Scout
Diana Trail ScoutFor those familiar with Diana’s instant-classic, price-point Stormrider PCP air rifle, the Trailscout might just look like a clone with a synthetic stock.Upon closer inspection, however, it’s an entirely different animal. The first-ever CO2 airgun from Diana powered by three 12-gram..
Brand: Gamo Model: Gamo GF MP9 Carbine .177 / .177 BB
Gamo GF MP9 Carbine .177 / .177 BBThis awesome blowback machine pistol from Gamo is huge fun and ideal for plinking and target shooting thanks to its dual ammo capability. The double ended magazine has 8 shots each end and can flipped around in a few seconds so you can reload within seconds.The fram..
Brand: Gletcher Model: Gletcher M1944
Gletcher M1944 is a replica of the russian mosin nagant carbine rifle, the nagant rifle is a russian legend , produced from late 18th century to the 1950 years and heavily produced during the second world war.During the war the m1944 was adopted as a mass soviet army weapon. the m1944 has a sliding ..
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