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Buy New Air Pistols From DAI Leisure. Price match guarantee - Shop Now!

Buy New Air Pistols From DAI Leisure. Price match guarantee - Shop Now!
Buy Air Pistols from DAI Leisure. We have a massive selection of spring and CO2 powered air pistols from Beretta, Colt, Baikal, Weihrauch, Umarex, Dan Wesson and Smith & Wesson to name but a few.

You must be over 18 to purchase Air pistols in the UK online, we will only deliver to your local gun shop or your local registered firearms dealer. You can shoot an airgun on your own, and without adult supervision from age 14, provided you are on private land and have the consent of the landowner.
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Hammerli AP20 Match Air Pistol

The AP20 Match air pistol from Hammerli in Germany is one of the best beginner and novice PCP target pistols currently available on the market.The entire pistol is built from state of the art components to ensure it can compete pistols which are twice the price. The barrel is a Lothar Walther to ensure the best accuracy possible, and all the other key components such as the grip, trigger, and sight are manufactured by Carl Walther, and in most cases are the same ones as found on the all out match pistols from the same manufacturer.The Pro Line Air Cylinder is both lightweight, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, to adjust the center of gravity to how you want it.The Grip is multi adjustable over a range of different sizes, from S to L to suit the shooter, and several other types of walnut grips are available to customize the pistol to your needs.The pistol also comes with 6 barrel sleeves to 'jazz' up the colours and really make it your own, as well as standing out fr..


Weihrauch HW44

One of Weihrauchs best precharged air weapons, the HW44 offers both the reliability, consistency and conveinience of a precharged magazine fed rifle with the manouverability of a pistol.This light,easy too use weapon is a one of Weihrauchs most celebrated accheivements. This newly released concept uses ground breaking technology developed by Weihrauch which allows them too incorporate a magazine system into a pre charged, compact, lightweight pistol...


Air Arms Alfa Proj Pistol

Perfect pistol for club and competition. Features include: rechargeable reservoir, built in pressure regulator, multiple trigger adjustments, dry fire facility, fitted open sights, safety catch and air release device to remove all air from pistol for shipping Calibre: .177 FPS: 450 Barrel Length: 363mm Blue Weight: 1025g. ..


Crosman 1701P Silhouette™ air pistol

 The Crosman Silhouette 1701P is designed for silhouette and target competitions where precise shot placement is crucial. An intermediate-sized PCP pistol, the 1701P is dependable, accurate and provides almost no recoil. The redesigned front sight is infinitely adjustable and complements your choice of a precision rear sight.The improved trigger on the 1701P features an adjustable, two-stage, drop sear trigger utilizing precision, heat-treated metal components. The trigger mechanism is built with the same materials and precision as the popular Marauder pistol trigger group. Ideal for competition, the bolt is reversible to accommodate right or left handed shooters...


Crosman 2300S air pistol

Instead of putting their own barrel on the gun, Crosman utilized a 10.1" Lothar-Walther choked match barrel, with 12 lands and grooves. This gives you some of the best accuracy possible on a stock air pistol. This target pistol is ideal for target shooting. The receiver is grooved for mounting a scope. With its post front sight that sits atop an aluminum muzzle weight making the rear Williams sight is an airgun enthusiast or target shooters dream come true. The crisp detent stops on this all-metal sight let you home in on your target so precisely, that others will be amazed at your new-found shooting skills. The single-stage trigger, with an over travel screw, is adjustable down to 1 lb. making the gun even easier to shoot...


Beretta M92FS XX-Treme -177 Pellet

The M92FS XX-Treme from Beretta contains every accessory you will ever need.The M92FS features a high powered red dot sight mounted to a special mount that can be changed out for other accessories as required. The M9FS itself is one of the better shooting CO2 pistols on the market with a precision rifled steel barrel to produce stunning accuracy.The trigger can be fired double or single action as desired and the fact that the pistol is non blowback means less recoil and better shooting.All in all an awesome bit of kit and comes in a hard case with 2 x 8 shot magazines.Specification:Length : 210 mmBarrel length : 127 mmWeight : 1260 gMag. Capacity : 8Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Weihrauch HW75

Match grade target pistol. single stroke pneumatic, overlever cocking system, adjustable two-stage trigger with dry firing practice facility, ambidextrous manual safety. totally recoilless. Blade foresight & multi adjustable rearsight. Stippled ergonomic grip with palm shelf.Calibre: .177 Overall Length: 280mm Barrel Length: 170mm Power (Ft/Lbs): 2.5 Weight: 1.1..


Weihrauch HW45 Silver Star

This special Silver Star version of the world famous and ever popular HW45 combines high power and accuracy with a great appearance to make one of the most well rounded air pistols on the market today.Made and designed by Weihrauch for serious airgunners, the HW45 produces over 5ft/lbs of muzzle energy to make it one of the few spring powered air pistols that is suitable for hunting vermin and pest control. This high power also leads to far flatter trajectories which in turn improve accuracy.The over lever cocking design is similar to Webley pistols but is much more attractive and has actually been designed to look similar to a Colt 45 pistol. The HW45's trigger is two stage and is also fully customisable to suit your preference and makes this pistol ideal for a variety of shooting disciplines...


Weihrauch HW45 Blackstar

Ever popular with serious air gunners, the Black Star version of the famous HW45 pistol combines great aesthetics with spectacular performance for a great, well rounded air pistol.One of the best spring powered pistols that money can buy, the HW45 produces over 5ft/lbs for astounding accuracy and power. Ideal for long range target shooting and close range pest control.The over level cocking design is similar to many Webley pistols but has been designed to resemble a Colt 45. The two stage trigger is fully adjustable to suit your preference whilst the ergonomically shaped pistol grip is ambidextrously shaped to ensure all shooters can use this pistol effectively...


Umarex Beretta M92FS Nickel with Wooden Grip - 177 Pellet

The Beretta M92FS has got to be one of the best shooting CO2 pistols on the market today.The rifled steel barrel is made to an exceptional standard of quality and ensures the pistols fires as accurately as possible from its 8 round magazine.The full metal construction, aside from the grips, of the pistol ensures has not only a realistic weight but is also resilient to wear providing many years of reliable service. The pistol is non blowback to further increase its already impressive accuracy and also make the Beretta more efficient with its CO2, providing around 40 - 50 shots per capsule.Comes complete with a hard case for storage and transportation, as well as 2 x 8 shot magazines.Specification:Length : 210 mmBarrel length : 127 mmWeight : 1260 gMag. Capacity : 8Approx Power : 3.2 ft/lbsAmmo Type : .177 Pellet..


Weihrauch HW45

Held in wide regard amongst serious airgunners, the HW45 is accurate and powerful. The HW45 is also one of the few pistols that is capable of being an effective vermin hunter.The HW45 produces around 5ft/lbs of muzzle energy which is not only ideal for pest control but also provides laser flat trajectories and fired pellets that are far less susceptible to crosswinds and other environmental conditions. This leads to higher accuracy and a pistol that is a more than capable target shooter.The over lever cocking mechanism is easy to use as well as being reliable and eliminates the need for the extra purchasing of CO2 or gas. The HW45 has been loosely modelled on the Colt 45's shape for improved aesthetics.The HW45 also features textured grips for enhanced precision whilst aiming and a dovetail style rail for the easy attachment of external optics...


Zoraki HP-01 Pneumatic Air Pistol 3 Power Levels up to 5.5 ft/lbs .177

Zoraki HP-01 Pneumatic Air Pistol 3 Power Levels up to 5.5 ft/lbs .177 MK VI Multi Stroke Pneumatic Air Pistol with 2 power levels up to 5.5 ft/lbs. Previously the popular Webley Alecto. Target Design with new soft touch Ergonomic Grips and new Generation II Fully adjustable Trigger. Threaded for adaption of silencer (coming soon) Supplied in Hard Case with Cleaning Brush, Silicone Lubricant plus and included with factory velocity printout indicating consistency of actual pistol between shotsCompresses air with minimum effort Multi power levelsAdjustable trigger with four unique settingsAdjustable plastic orthopedic grip with ergonomic designRail for laser, binoculars, ?red dot? or any weight scopeAutomatic and easy trigger safetyRecoil free shootingRifled steel barrel & high corrosion resistanceAdjustable rear and dual rotary front sightPolymer frameElegant carrying case with T8 Torx key, special screw driver, rod and oilMount with Modular Stock and Turn it to Air RifleHP-01 ..



Action SINGLE SHOTCalibre .177 (4.5MM) AND .22 (5.5MM)Type PCPStock SYNTHETIC TACTICALTrigger Two stage (adjustable)Length (total) 15.7"Weight 1.9lb..


Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish .177 pellet

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish, Battlefield Aged Finish .177 Rifled Barrel 2.1 ft/lbs .177 Rifled Barrel101 years after the Webley Mark VI was adopted as the standard Firearm for British and Commonwealth troops. The battlefield finish MKVI gives an unique and distressed finish that has been battle proven. .177 pelletBuilt from original blueprintsLoads, cycles, fires and ejects as the originalOriginal 1915 markingsSingle / Double actionFull sizeField strippableFull metal construction6 Inch barrel6 ShotBattlefield Distressed finish..


Crosman T4 OPTS KIT

Crossman T4 Opts Kit Co2 Semi Automatic 8 Shot .177 Lead Pellet or .177 Metal BB Air PistolPower Source: CO2Caliber: .177Max Velocity: up to 430 fps pellet/ Up to 450 fpsCapacity: 8 shotWeight: 1.32 lbsBarrel Material: Rifled SteelBarrel Length: 8.63 in.Front Sight: FixedRear Sight: Adjustable for WindageSafety: Cross BoltMagazine: 8 shot clip..


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