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H&N Baracuda Match .177 (4.51)

H&N Baracuda Match .177 (4.51)
H&N Baracuda Match .177 (4.51)

H&N Baracuda Match domed shaped pellets are very streamlined helping them achieve a high velocity. This helps them hit with more power and a higher penetration making them ideal for pest control.

The 0.69g pellets have a 4.51 calibre making them tight in the barrel which aids the shot allowing more pressure to build up behind the pellet before firing.

Made from a special alloy these shots have a low rate of lead fouling. They can keep a very straight trajectory even at high speeds allowing for a professional like shot time after time.

  • Type : Domed
  • Weight : 10.65 gr
  • Calibre : .177

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  • Model: Baracuda Match .177 (4.51)
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