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H&N Finale Match Light .177 (4.50mm)

H&N Finale Match Light .177 (4.50mm)
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H&N Finale Match Light .177 (4.50mm)

H&N Finale Match Light from are one of the top choices for super accurate target shooting and are often the chosen choice for Olympic shooters.

The pellets that go in the tins are hand sorted to ensure conformity and precision throughout the tin so that the highest accuracy and tightest shot groups are achieved again and again.

The flat head punches a clear and defined hole through a paper target for clear scoring and the unique lead alloy minimises lead fouling and high velocity.

  • Sold in tins of 500.
  • Weight - 7.87 gr
  • Type - Flat Head
  • Quantity - 500
  • Calibre - .177 (4.50 mm)

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  • Model: Finale Match Light .177 (4.50mm)
  • SKU: Finale Match Light .177 (4.50mm)

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