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Webley Stingray Quantum

Webley Stingray Quantum
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Webley Stingray Quantum

Webley Stingray Quantum

High power, reliable mechanisms and top quality aesthetics are just some of the characteristics the Webley Stingray Quantum has to offer. This .22 Spring air rifle is a great all round rifle that can be used for a plethora of jobs.

The Stingray is a high powered spring rifle. It's ergonomic design features a pistol grip and a cheek rest on the stock to ensure your positioned in the optimal way to shoot. The gun also has a checkering located on the pistol grip and forehand. This non-slip surface prevents you dropping and damaging your rifle even in wet conditions. The stock has a ventilated rubber but pad. This acts as a shock absorber and prevent strain on your shoulder allowing you to use your rifle for longer periods of time.

The break barrel on the Webley stingray has been fitted with a Quantum Silencer. This makes it ideal for hunting since it prevents the loud, sudden noise scaring animals of. The .22 spring rifle also features a 3/8" grooved Dovetail allowing optical accessories such as scopes to be attached as no open sights are fitted due to the Quantum silencer fitment.

  • Calibre - .22 - .177
  • Approx power - 11.5 ft/lbs
  • Barrel Thread - N/a
  • Stock - Ambidextrous 
  • Overall Length - 103cm
  • Barrel Length - 29.2cm
  • Weight - 3.15kg
  • Sights - N/a
  • Safety - Automatic

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  • Model: Webley Stingray Quantum
  • SKU: Webley Stingray Quantum

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