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Weihrauch HW80K

Weihrauch HW80K
Weihrauch HW80K
Weihrauch HW80K
Weihrauch HW80K

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Weihrauch HW80K

Weihrauch HW80K can be regarded as one of the best spring powered air rifles around thanks to its full power, and full size action which provides unparalleled performance in both hunting, and target shooting.
The action is built around a 30mm main tube which provides a large swept volume upon firing to ensure a high velocity and consistency upon each shot. The barrel is a precision rifled steel barrel from Weihrauch which have a superb reputation for being one of the best around today.
The stock is a right handed beech sporter with a rubber buttpad for a comfortable shooting experience, with checkering to the pistol grip for a strong grip.
The barrel is also threaded and comes complete with a Weihrauch sound moderator to reduce the muzzle report, which all adds up to a real workhorse in the range of air rifle today.


  • Caliber - .177 - .22
  • Overall Length - 960mm
  • Barrel Length - 310mm
  • Power - Approx 11.5 ft/lbs
  • Weight - 3.9kg

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  • Model: Weihrauch HW80K
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