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Artemis CP400

Artemis CP400
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Artemis CP400

Artemis CP400 is relatively unique in its position in the CO2 airgun world being a multi-shot pistol in a tactical style that is powerful enough for pest control. This pistol weighs just 1.5lbs making it light enough to be easily aimed with one hand.

The gun fires under the legal limit of 6ft/lbs meaning is requires no licensing to own but is orders of magnitude more powerful than the majority of pistols on the market today and can be used for pest control at ranges up to and including 15m with the right pellet.

This pistol has a length of under 6" and comes complete with an under mounted accessory rail that is ideal for laser/torches.


  • Calibre .177
  • Length 5.9"
  • Weight 1.3LBS
  • 12g Co2

Please note this is a Preorder item and is not released yet

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  • Model: Artemis CP400
  • SKU: Artemis CP400

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