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Artemis M22

Artemis M22

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Artemis M22

Artemis M22

The M22 features a solid and smooth bolt action system which actuates a 10 shot pellet magazine for quick and clean reloading. This is also a massive help when out hunting as you can quickly reload the next shot for a follow up shot. Alternatively the wide breech assists in single shot loading so if you want to do a spot of target shooting this rifle is quite capable.

The rifle features a quick fill port at the front of the cylinder, and also has a pressure gauge fitted so you always know how much pressure you have left.

The top of the breech is grooved with a 9-11mm scope rail for the fitting of the scope, and no open sights are fitted as this rifle has a shrouded barrel to assist in noise reduction.

  • Magazine Capacity - 13 shots
  • Fill Pressure - 200BAR
  • Overall Length - 1140 cm
  • Barrel Length - 500mm (19.7 inch)
  • Maximum Power - 12 ft/lbs | 16J
  • Weight - 3.7kg

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