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Snowpeak M60

Snowpeak M60 - Airguns supplied by DAI leisure
Snowpeak M60 - Airguns supplied by DAI leisure
Snowpeak M60 - Airguns supplied by DAI leisure
Snowpeak M60 - Airguns supplied by DAI leisure

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Snowpeak M60

Snowpeak M60 - Precision, balance and unparalleled performance. This gun was designed to elevate your shooting experience, combining advanced features and excellent craftmanship, the results on the field speaks for itself. Equipped with a CN precision barrel and doubled with a state-of-the-art regulator ensures complete and total accuracy at all ranges time after time. The Snowpeak M60 boasts amazing balance, providing a comfortable and stable shooting platform. It's well thought out design allows perfect weight distribution helps keep the shooter stable and reduces fatigue. 

Featuring a crisp side lever, the M60 offers smooth and reliable cocking, allowing for quick and seamless follow up shots. The side lever design provides a far superior ease of use, almost gliding when cocking allowing you to focus on your marksmanship. Suited with a picatinny top and under rail, the Snowpeak M60 allows for versatile customization, whether it be a suitable scope on top or an underslung bipod. Wether you're a competitive shooter or hunter, the Snowpeak M60 is designed to exceed your expectations. Take your shooting skills to new heights and embrace the power and precision that this air rifle brings. 

The specs:

Caliber.177/ .22
Power<16 Joules/ <12ft/lbs
Magazine capacity24 in .177/ 20 in .22
Shot capacity210 in .177/ 235 in .22
TriggerTwo stage adjustable
SafetyManual safety

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