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Snowpeak P35

Snowpeak P35
Snowpeak P35
Snowpeak P35

The Snowpeak P35 air rifle is also known as the Artemis P35.

The P35 is available in .22 .25 .177

Weight 4.4LBS Length 26"

This multi-shot rifle has a superb synthetic short bull pup stock, which has a comfortable thumbhole for ease of handing with a sleek finish. Simple structure, east handling and good stability.

Based on the popular Artemis P15 this airgun has a synthetic stock and a cocking lever which is set more forward than the P15 making it easier to cock.


  • Single or multi shot
  • Air capacity: 265 CC
  • Max fill pressure: 200 bar
  • Standard quick fill adaptor
  • Manual safety

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  • Model: Snowpeak P35
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